ITU Projects win the 11th Senior Design Project Competition
Sep 06, 2016

Organized by the Chamber of Electrical Engineers, the 11th Senior Design Project Competition took place on 18 June 2016, and the competing design projects were presented in the Istanbul branch of the chamber. Senior students showed a great deal of interest in the competition that has been organized for the past ten years with the aim of supporting scientific studies in the engineering disciplines of electrical, electronics, communication, biomedical, and control. In this year’s competition 55 projects were judged, 25 of them being in the category of “Electrical-Control” and 30 being in the category of “Electronics, Communication, and Biomedical”.

ITU students Burç Özdemir, Hakan İncesu, and Burak Gördük, from the Department of Electrical Engineering, won first place in “Electrical-Control” category of the competition with their projects entitled “Design and Implementation of a DSP-based Driver System for Electric Motors”. Melih Pehlivanoğlu, who is also a student at the same department, took second place with his project entitled “Design and Manufacturing of a Radial-flux Salient-pole Eddy Current Brake”, while Atamer Gezer of the same department came in third with the project entitled “The Design and Development of Tri-Phase Tesla's Egg of Columbus”. All three projects were supervised by Assist. Prof. Derya Ahmet Kocabaş.


Projects winning the competition in Electrical-Control Category

ITU students won the first place and third place in “Electronics-communication-biomedical” category as well. The winner of this category was the project by Adnan Kurtuluş, ITU student at the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering. The project entitled “Ultra High-Frequency Band Wireless Energy Harvester was supervised by Dr. Hasan Bülent Yağcı. Marmara University Electrical-Electronic Engineering students Ramadan Çetin and Hayri Hocaoğlu took second place with their projects supervised by Assoc. Prof. Mustafa Onat and entitled “Development of Gel Card Blood Type Identification Equipment with Sedimentation Technique”. Third-ranking project, which was entitled Bioparameter Monitoring on Embedded Systems, was also an ITU project and carried out by Neşat Dereli from the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering under the supervision of Prof. Müştak Erhan Yalçın.

Five ITU projects took the top three ranks in the two-category competition. We are proud of our students who put a great deal of effort into their projects and our scholars who supervised them and wish them all success in their future academic career.