Another First By ITU: ITU Ship Equipment Test Center Has Been Accredited
Sep 20, 2016

ITU Ship Equipment Test Center, a unit established in ITU Maritime Faculty last year, has been accredited as the first centre in Turkey that is entitled to conduct tests on ship equipment. With this development, the centre has taken its place among the ITU units accredited by TURKAK. With its accreditation status granted by TURKAK on 21 June, ITU Ship Equipment Test Centre is now entitled to conduct tests such as dangerous cargo packaging drop tests, impermeability tests, internal pressure (hyraulic) tests, and stowing tests.


The project entitled “Ship Equipment Test Centre”, which was supported by ISTKA (Istanbul Development Agency), was completed on 14 January 2015. Tests were conducted throughout 2015 on dangerous goods packages (ADR, section 6) and ship equipment. At the end of this process, application of the Centre to the Turkish Accreditation Agency for the assurance of its quality management system was accepted. With the approval of its ISO 17025 quality control application by TURKAK, ITU has achieved another first, becoming the first institution to be accredited in this field.


What does the Ship Equipment Test Centre do?

ITU Ship Equipment Test Centre conducts tests on the documents required for using particular appliances in accordance with national Ship Equipment Regulations. The tests include five parts: lifesaving equipment, fire fighting equipment, water pollution control equipment, navigation equipment, and dangerous good packages. Staff working at the Centre consists of academics and certified engineers and technicians with expertise on the issue. The test service provided by the centre also involves certifying the appliances used in land and air transportation.