The Second Album of “Aşkname” Band Has Been Announced
Sep 21, 2016

The band Aşkname, one of the most significant contributions of Istanbul Technical University Turkish Music Conservatory (TMDK) to the world of music, will keep enlivening our spirit with their notes. Assoc. Prof. Atilla Coskun Toksoy, the art director of the band’s first album, which carries the same name with the group, gives the good news that they are working on the second album.


Pointing to the sustained interest in the album “Aşkname”, with which the band made its debut in March 2016, Toksoy informs us that they have started working on a follow-up album that they plan to release in 2017.

Toksoy states that musical adventure of the band, which started with the single carrying the same name with the group, will continue with the second album. “Up until recently, works of art produced in the conservatory tended to stay within the boundaries of the institution, which inevitably limited their area of influence. We have changed this with two albums released for the 242nd anniversary of our university and 40th anniversary of TMDK,” Toksoy adds.

Just like the first album, the second album will include Aysegül Kostak Toksoy, Hatice Dogan Sevinç, Ercan Yalazan, Türker Çolak, and Tunç Volkan Konya.


“We will appear in festivals with both of our albums.”

Toksoy made the following comments regarding the musical journey of the band: “We released a single in March 2016 without a producer support. Our album is available in various digital platforms such as iTunes and Spotify. Our videos on Youtube were viewed more than forty-five thousand times. This is not an insignificant number for a group like us, which was conceived inside the university and then opened up to outside. We wish to realise our novel ideas with our album to be released in 2017. We plan to perform at universities, particularly in youth festivals organised at universities in Anatolia.”


Congratulatory notes for the 40th anniversary of ITU TMDK: “Aşkname”

Following the Turkish Folk Music album “Pür nida” and Turkish Classical Music album “Meşk-i Safa”, “Aşkname” is the third in the series of special albums released for the 40th anniversary of ITU Turkish Music Conservatory. The album includes ten covers from pre-eminent composers of the previous century. With Aşkname, the audience finds an album that interprets the aspirations, experiments, and peculiar works of the previous century by embracing today’s musical understanding. In addition to Muallim Ismail Hakki Bey, whose works epitomize the richness of maqams (melodic modes) in Turkish Classical Music and the effects of westernization on it, the album includes the works of many distinguished composers such as Kaptanzade Ali Rıza Bey, Recep Halit Arman, Serdar Öztürk, and our deceased professor Selahattin İçli. It is possible to follow the latest news on the works of the band via their Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts.