Traffic and Transport Systems of the Future Discussed in ITU
Sep 22, 2016

Subways, expanded highways, railways, marine transportation, innovations in aviation, solutions to mitigate inner city traffic problems, and a lot more… The 19th EURO (Association of European Operational Research Societies) Working Group on Transportation Conference (EWGT2016) was held in ITU from 5 to 7 September 2016. The conference, with the main theme “Simulation and Optimization of Traffic and Transportation Systems”, brought together the experts and academics who presented their research and discussed their opinions on traffic and transportation systems of the future.


The conference was jointly organized by the EURO (Association of European Operational Research Societies) Working Group on Transportation, which focuses on operational research on international transportation issues, and Istanbul Technical University. Keynote speakers of the conference were Peter Wagner (German Aerospace Center - DLR), Jaume Barcelo (Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, UPC-Barcelona Tech), and Mohamed Abdel-Aty (University of Central Florida).


Academics and experts discussed various traffic and transportation issues. Sessions covered topics such as such as modeling, control, and management of traffic and transportation systems; vehicle routing, environmental effects of transportation, air transport operations, emergency management, decision analysis, design and security of railroad networks, aviation and air transportation, traffic security, and logistics.


The conference that was planned as an interdisciplinary event hosted around 100 professionals and academics from various fields such as engineering disciplines of industry, management, control, electrical-electronic, civil, environment, aeronautical, and mathematics, and other disciplines such as economics, urban planning, and geography. Academics and experts attending the conference also discussed and reflected on the findings of recent scientific studies in the field of transportation and operational research.