ITU Scholars Shine in TUBITAK Incentive Awards
Sep 23, 2016

Scientific achievements of ITU scholars keep bringing new awards to the university. Assoc. Prof. Emre Onur Kahya of the Department of Physics Engineering and Assoc. Prof. Adem Tekin of Chemistry Department at the Institute of Informatics have been granted 2016 TUBITAK Incentive Awards for their research.

TUBITAK Incentive Awards are given to outstanding researchers under 40, on the basis of their scientific contribution at an international level. This year’s awards were granted to four scientists, two of whom were ITU scholars. Assoc. Prof. Emre Kahya, who has received the 2016 TUBITAK Incentive Award, was also the recipient of 2015 Young Scientist Award Program (GEBIP) award granted by Turkish Science Academy (TUBA) for his internationally acclaimed research on the quantum effects in the process of cosmic inflation.


Another ITU scholar who has been granted the 2016 TUBITAK Incentive Award is Assoc. Prof. Adem Tekin, who is known for his research on theoretical chemistry, computational material design, and global optimization. Tekin, who received the award for his outstanding research on force-area in theoretical chemistry and computational design of energy materials and new hydrogen storage materials, is also known for his novel contribution to the field with his method entitled “CrystAl Structure PrEdiction via Simulated Annealing (CASPESA)”, which he started to develop in 2009. This method was an outstanding contribution to the existing body of work on the crystal structure of hydrogen sorption materials. The method is still in the process of development, and Tekin aims to improve it by drawing on machine learning techniques. Also, current works of Tekin focus on delivery of cancer drugs via quantum chemistry and molecular dynamic simulation techniques, which is supported by TUBITAK.


We congratulate our professors who have made us proud by receiving two of the four awards and wish them further success in their future career.