“What’s your decade? Are you ready to travel back in time?”
Sep 23, 2016

Wearing again the bell-bottoms that characterize the fashion of the 70’s? Talking about the spirit of the 80’s, whose most popular film was “Back To The Future”? Or listening to “All That She Wants” by Ace of Base, who say out loud to their parents that the 90’s have started? What is your favourite nostalgic era? This year’s “KSB Clubs Festival” will make the students experience the much-longed-for eras of the past. In the festival organized by ITU Culture and Arts Union, young people who were able to witness only the final years of the 90s, will be able to have a closer look at the understanding of music, fashion, and entertainment of the previous decades. They will have fun listening to the songs that still ring in our ears, watching the dances conjuring up the disco culture of the 80s and delight in discovering the past.

More than a hundred ITU student clubs will take part in the festival, which will take place on 28-30 September 2016. The venue is next to 75th Year Student Social Centre (opposite Simmit Café, on the bicycle lane). The festival, which will start with “Clubs Parade”, will feature several events such as dance, music and sports performances, workshops organized by clubs, and many other surprises. In the festival, which will run for three days between 10:00-22:00, theme of nostalgia will feature in the music through concerts and DJ performances at ITU.


Please fin the festival program below. We wish all our students fun in this convivial festival where fun and nostalgia will mingle. Hey, you! What are you waiting for? Come and join the festival, feel free to wear the clothes of your era or choose your music. It’s festival time!

Culture&Arts Union- 0212 285 3309
Siyba Bilgier: 0539 742 02 15
Serkan Aslan: 0505 933 33 50