LC Waikiki and ITU Cooperation in Ready-to-Wear-Industry
Sep 27, 2016

A new partnership has been initiated between ITU and LC Waikiki, a leading Turkish ready-to wear brand and a previous ITU partner in several projects jointly carried out with ITU- FIT Fashion Design Program. Training and Academic Partnership Agreement signed with the brand involves delivering training to ready-to wear retail industry employees in order to contribute to their professional development as well as planning the training, setting the certification conditions, promoting and supporting master and PhD theses and senior projects on ready-to-wear industry.

The agreement has significantly streghtened the cooperation between ITU and LC Waikiki, which “aims to be one of the top three apparel retailers of Europe by 2023”. A ceremony was organized on 27 April in ITU Rectorate Building in order to celebrate the agreement. Among those who attended the ceremony were Vice Rector Prof. Ali Fuat Aydin, Adviser to the Rector Prof. Emel Önder Karaoğlu, Prof. Cevza Candan, FIT Fashion Design Programme Coordinator; Gülperi Savcı Tandar, Corporate Academy Director of LC Waikiki; Sedat Sezer, Training and Development Manager of LC Waikiki Academy; and Burcu Guven, educator at LC Waikiki Academy.

LCW Protokol

Prof. Ali Fuat Aydin stated that the agreement would contribute to a multifaceted and diversified cooperation between ITU, the first technical university of Turkey, and LC Waikiki, which is a leading clothing brand of the country. Aydin also pointed out that the cooperation would be a sustainable, viable, and successful example of university-industry cooperation.

Gülperi Savcı Tandar, Corporate Academy Director of LC Waikiki, stated that joint projects were only possible with companies coming together with science and academic circles. Tandar also pointed to the importance of sustainable work jointly carried out by academia and industry in order to solve the global problems of apparel retail industry. Tandar explained the cooperation agreement as follows: “In accordance with a previous cooperation agreement with ITU, we initiated a “Buyer Training and Certification Program”, which we recently completed and started field applications in March 2016. As an ITU graduate, I am proud and happy, and looking forward to our new project initiated with this agreement.”

Through R&D based work and joint projects, the agreement also aims to produce publications such as national and international conference papers, journal articles, and books intended to proliferate and disseminate sectoral knowledge in apparel industry. We hope the agreement will be a fruitful experience for both institutions.