Festival of Clubs: Our Students Had Fun in Campus
Oct 03, 2016

Annually organized to make a fun start to the students, ITU Culture and Arts Union Festival 2016 has ended. Bringing together ITU students of diverse majors, the festival that started on September 28 featured concerts, dance shows, student club workshops, and DJ performances


With the festival, more than 150 student clubs of ITU Culture and Arts Union were able to introduce themselves to the new students while the students had the opportunity to get to know the clubs better. Student groups of diverse areas, ranging from sports to arts and academic societies to newly-founded student groups, were able to perform at the festival. As this year’s theme was nostalgia, songs from the 70’s to 90’s, reverberated all around Ayazaga Campus and invited all ITU community to dance.


Throughout the festival students enjoyed listening to the songs by myriads of celebrated bands of the past.


The festival was enlivened on the first night with the concert of Sahte Raki, a popular Turkish Blues & Rock’n Roll band. On the second night, Tibet Agirtan, the lead vocal of the groundbreaking music band Mavi Sakal, took the stage. ITU students got into the spirit of the 3-day festival with the performances of DJs Özge Tığlı and Şiyba Bilgier -also an ITU student -, dance and rhythm shows, and acoustic guitar performance by ITU Western Music Club.


We thank all our students, ITU clubs, and music and dance groups for their participation in this memorable, carnival-like festival and wish them a great academic year.