Celebrating World Animals Day with Birdhouses Painted by Little Hands
Oct 05, 2016

Students of Yayla Primary School coloured the birdhouses placed in ITU Ayazaga Campus, which is home to the ongoing “Green Campus” project of the university. Ayazaga Campus, which has a unique texture of its own, has acquired a new aura on October 4, with the birdhouses placed on campus trees to celebrate World Animals Day. And with children’s efforts and love of animals, our campus ecosystem has gained one more animal-friendly feature. Also, ITU Volunteering Club students, who spent time with the little students, enjoyed involving in an activity that raised awareness on protecting animals.


Prof. Mehmet Karaca met with the students to participate in the activity, which took place on such an opportune time, and said: “Our campus now possesses an important element that was heretofore missing. I thank very much to the Psychological Guidance and Counseling Teacher of Yayla Primary School and our children, the future of our country, who have painted the birdhouses with their little hands. This activity has complemented the Green Campus and contributed to our efforts towards creating a ‘liveable campus’. Also, I am pleased to see ITU students interacting with Yayla School students to protect nature. I am very happy with the current situation of our Green Campus project on its fourth year and so glad to have met Istanbul Bahcelievler Yayla Primary School students.”


Birdhouse Project was Inspired by “Green Campus”

The idea of placing birdhouses in ITU was proposed in June 2016 by Gulhan Altinkaynak, teacher at Istanbul Bahcelievler Yayla Primary School, and the Principal Canan Yucelkan, and the project was expedited with the support of ITU Rector Prof. Memhet Karaca. Due to the nature of the project, October 4, World Animal Day, was scheduled for placing the houses that were painted by creative, little children. Children painted the birdhouses in different colors that they selected with their teachers. Gulhan Altinkaynak stated that she was happy and excited to see the children doing activities in such an inspiring space and leaving such nice objects of memory at ITU. Altinkaynak expressed that she had been to Ayazaga Campus long before, for exam proctorship, and that she was impressed by the new face of the campus after “Green Campus” activities.


Birdhouses were Produced from Environmentally-Friendly Materials

Another important aspect of the project is that birdhouses are produced from environmentally friendly materials. The birdhouses that will shelter birds throughout the forthcoming cold winter months have been entirely produced from dissoluble materials. In this way, we avoid compromising environmental friendliness. Birdhouses will be renewed by the children periodically, which means the project will be a permanent one that will flourish with love and support of our children. What is also important is that with this activity, children had the opportunity to experience campus life at an early age, in a nature-friendly campus, and interact with university students from ITU clubs.