An ITU Student at CERN: İlknur Köseoğlu
Oct 12, 2016

ITU students who pursue their dreams are harvesting the fruits of their labour, a great example of which is İlknur Köseoğlu, currently a PhD student at the Department of Physics Engineering.

Starting her BS at ITU Department of Physics Engineering in 2008, İlknur Köseoğlu graduated from ITU with a double major in 2015, by successfully completing her BS studies at the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering as well. Köseoğlu started her MS studies at the Department of Physics Engineering and worked with Assoc. Prof. Altan Çakir of ITU, who was a member of ITU CERN CMS experiment team and generously shared his CERN experiences with ITU students.


During her work with Altan Çakır, who was involved in CERN (Conseil Européen pour la Recherché Nucléaire), for experiments and other academic duties, Köseoğlu obtained several achievements. Recently, she has been admitted to CERN School of Computing – Main School, which is the dream of many scientists. Half of the expenses of Köseoğlu will be covered by CERN, while the other half will be covered by ITU Rectorate thanks to the support of our Rector Prof.. Mehmet Karaca. CERN School of Computing has a very competitive admissions policy, and the certificate granted upon the completion of academic studies is a worldwide credential that signifies a proven high level of competence.

A diligent researcher, Köseoğlu first focused on machine learning and then deep learning, which is a subfield of machine learning.

Next goal: CERN Fellowship

Ilknur Köseoglu’s next goal is to complete her PhD studies at ITU and then be admitted into the CERN Fellowship Programme, which is one of the most prestigious scholarships worldwide, in order to improve her expertise.

As ITU Family, we wish her good luck with this endeavor and her future studies.

About Ilknur Koseoglu

Koseoglu started her BS at the Department of Physics Engineering and graduated with a double major, by successfully completing her BS studies at the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering as well. During her undergraduate studies, she did her internship as a visiting scholar in Acoustic and Thermal Physics Laboratory, at University of Leuven in Belgium. She presented the results of her research here in international conferences such as Mirror Conference in 2012 and March Meeting American Physical Society in 2013. She also participated in European Conference on Liquid Crystals and International Liquid Crystal Conference with her poster presentations. In 2013, she graduated from the Department of Physics Engineering as the third ranked student, and received her BS degree from the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering in 2015. Köseoglu continued her studies at the MS Program at ITU Physics Engineering Department and kept improving her academic qualifications. She learned many programming languages throughout her MS period and sought to focus on an area that would allow her to utilize her knowledge of physics, electronics, and programming. Hence, she decided to concentrate on quantum physics and cosmology. She received TUBITAK scholarship for her research entitled “Deep Learning Methods for Advanced Data Techniques in Large Hadron Colliders” and completed the research under the supervision of Assoc. Prof. Altan Çakır this year. She applied to the “CERN School of Computing 2016 – Main School” in order to deepen her knowledge in the field and became the first ITU student to be admitted to this school. At the moment, Köseoğlu is a PhD student at ITU and continuing her studies in Geneva, Switzerland, where she is working on update and data analysis of CMS detectors, under TAEK Project, which is run as part of ITU-CERN CMS experiment.