Shortcut to R&D and Innovation: ITUNOVA TTO
Oct 13, 2016

Spirit of innovation cultivated at ITU is conveyed in the new website of İTÜNOVA Technology Transfer Office (TTO), an ITU unit that aims to transfer academic knowledge and new technologies originated in Istanbul Technical University to the private sector for the benefit of industry and Turkey’s national development. With the sleek and modern design of the new website, ITUNOVA TTO, as a dynamic and up-to-date source of knowledge, will be focal point of interaction between university and industry.

The new website presents the content regarding ITUNOVA TTO in a user-friendly and easy-to-access manner. The website will serve as an up-to-date and dynamic source where all stakeholders in university-industry cooperation, industrialists, entrepreneurs, and scholars in particular, can refer to.

The Funding Center page of ITUNOVA TTO’s new website aims to expedite the R&D and innovation projects of scholars, industrialists, and those with entrepreneural projects. The website, which makes it possible to obtain detailed information on grants, incentives, and investors in a few minutes, will allow you to gain easier access to the resources that you need for your projects. If you are into R&D or innovative developments, or if you are looking for funding for your research, ITUNOVA TTO website is the ideal place to visit. Please click here to access the new webpage of ITUNOVA TTO.

ITUNOVA TTO Blog, where you can see the synergy between theory and practice and academia and industry, will feature technology transfer news from all over the world, interviews, videos, and information regarding how scientists from all over Turkey have contributed to the country’s industrial development. The blog, where you can also obtain clues on how to commercialize your scientific research, will have its finger on the pulse of technology.