Wayfinding System Won the "Design Turkey" Award
Oct 19, 2016

ITU units working on building identification and pedestrian routing for the past four years as part of our Green Campus project have received the “Best Design” award in two categories of Design Turkey Competition: “Public Space” and “Good Design”. We are proud of the success of our team in this prestigious competition where more than 300 projects were presented in 13 different categories.


This year’s Design Turkey event was coordinated by Turkey’s Ministry of Economy and jointly organized within the scope of TURQUALITY® Program by Turkish Exporters Assembly (TEA) and Chamber of Industrial Designers. Many ITU alumni received awards in the ceremony. Awards were presented to the recipients by Nihat Zeybekçi, the Minister of Economy; Ziya Altunyaldız, the Grand National Assembly Committee Chairperson for Industry, Trade, Energy, Natural Resources, Information, and Information Technologies; İbrahim Şenel, Undersecretary for the Minister of Economy; and Mehmet Büyükekşi, the Chair of Turkish Exporters Assembly.


The project, coordinated by ITU Vice Rector Prof. Tayfun Kındap and Assoc. Prof. Gülname Turan, was implemented in ITU Ayazaga Campus, but ITU teams are working on plans involving other ITU campuses as well. The routing system project was supported by ITU Scientific Research Projects Directorate, and the units in the project were designed by Assoc. Prof. Gülname Turan of the Department of Industrial Design, Research Assistant Koray Gelmez, and Research Assistant Emrah Özturan. Selection criteria were universal design principles, compatibility with green campus characteristics, and accessibility.

The designed set of products consists of two fundamental units: building identification and pedestrian routing. Building identification involves rendering the name of the building visible from a specified distance and imparting a shared identity to architectural constructions. Consisting of two parts and a two-faceted main body, this unit displays building information on its wide flat surface in two languages.

Another component that ensures harmony between campus flora and these units is having appropriate plants. Pedestrian routing units have been distinguished by their vertical structure, and their double-faceted and flat surfaces, which are in harmony with the campus landscape, have been structured as compatible with graphics applications. In addition, two types of Signika font weight were exclusively designed for signage units. The products that have been designed taking into account possible necessities in public space are currently being piloted in ITU campuses.


ITU Rector Prof. Mehmet Karaca: “The Project signifies our goal of becoming a 3rd generation university”

After the award ceremony ITU Rector Prof. Karaca explained that the project was carried out in accordance with the larger Green Campus project, with an emphasis on walking and cycling tracks and congratulated the award recipient individuals and institutions. Prof. Karaca also stated that other priorities of the project were designing a carbon free space where verdancy predominated as well as preventing people from getting lost in Ayazaga campus, which spans an area of about 250 hectares. According to Karaca, the project is also crucial to the regulation of vehicle traffic in Ayazaga Campus. “Above all, this project signifies our goal of becoming a 3rd generation university,” Karaca concluded his speech.

Vice Rector Tayfun Kindap, one of the coordinators of the project, commented on the award as follows: “We have been working on the Green Campus Project for four years and achieved a great deal towards improving the quality of life in campus. We will continue to improve the project in the next years in office. We are proud that routing work carried out as part of the project has won awards in the Design Week. I think one aspect of “ITU Green Campus Vision” is being able to build a system relying on our own resources, with R&D and design procedures carried out by us rather than buying them from the market.”


What is Design Turkey?

Design Turkey Industrial Design Awards are given to outstanding designs that take into account user needs and impart value and competitive advantage to the product in domestic and international markets. The idea of initiating this award system was to render visible the contributions of well-designed products to the public and industry. To this end, Design Turkey Industrial Design Awards have been granted since 2008. That the event received 1800 applications in its fifth year is an indication of the impact of this event.

Minister Nihat Zeybekçi: “If you believe, you will succeed.”

Minister Nihat Zeybekçi, who spoke at the ceremony, stated that creativity and productivity inhere in human nature and that Turkey is the first in patent registration in Europe and 12th in the world. “There’s a long way ahead and an enormous target. We should not be a mediocre country. If you believe it, you will succeed,” Zeybekçi concluded his speech.