İTÜ GAE Was Selected “The Best Team That Reflects the Solar Spirit”
Oct 26, 2016

“Nothing can compare to the joy that comes from a nice sunny day,” said poet Necati Cumalı decades ago, which is no less relevant today because the sun does not only illuminate our days, but also it has become a crucial element of our lives as a clean and renewable energy source. Aware of this, ITU Solar Vehicle Team (GAE) works on solar vehicle development projects and utilization of solar energy for transportation. The team is raising societal awareness on increased everyday life utilization of solar energy, which is considered as a remedy for the global problem of excessive energy consumption.

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ITU GAE participated recently in European Solar Challenge competition that took place from September 23 till 25, in Belgium. ITU GAE vehicle ranked first in the “single person car” category of the competition in which 12 teams from 8 different countries challenged each other. Also, “The Best Team That Reflects The Solar Spirit Award” was given to ITU GAE, adding to ITU’s international achievements.


Invited to one of the most prestigious solar car competitions, World Solar Challenge, by Chris Selwood, Director of International Solar Federation, ITU GAE has already begun preparations for the competition to be held in Australia in 2017. Yunus Emre Çiçek, the team leader of ITU GAE, stated that the award they received in 2009 World Solar Challenge boosted their confidence and they had been further motivated by the recent success in Belgium. Çiçek added that the competition was an indication that solar vehicles are more efficient than Tesla vehicles.

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