ITU Facilis Car Runs 300 km in 1 Liter
Oct 26, 2016

ITU Facilis Automobile Team, developing energy-saving vehicles since 2011, has won one of the races in the Shell Eco-marathon Turkey competition. The name Facilis was inspired by the appearance and motion of the team’s vehicle that the team thought resembled the “Macaw” bird during its aerodynamic modeling phase. The vehicle, colored the same as a Macaw, was able to run 300 km in 1 liter in prototype gasoline-powered vehicle category.

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200 students from 13 high school and university teams competed in Shell Eco-marathon, jointly organized by Turkish Exporters’ Assembly (TIM) and Automotive Industry Exporters' Union of Turkey (OIB). The event, which is one of the most important student innovation competitions of the world, culminated in a race to cover “the longest distance with the least amount of energy”. ITU Facilis team, who came first in gasoline-powered vehicle category, will receive its award in the Innovation Week hosted by Turkish Exporters’ Assembly between 8-10 December 2016. ITU Facilis will also display the cars they produced in a fair to take place during the Innovation Week.

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Next goal: 500 km in 1 Liter

Energy saving systems and efficiency have become more important than ever in the face of rapid depletion of energy sources induced by population growth, rapid urbanization, and the ongoing large-scale industrial investments. Transportation is one of the domains affected by energy production trends. Today’s energy systems research and development is focused on developing renewable energy powered vehicles on the one hand, while on the other improving the energy-saving features of gasoline-powered vehicles.

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ITU Facilis Automobile Team was established with a view to contributing to these attempts, to realize its first performance in the 2011 Shell Eco-marathon. Since then, the Team is working with the motto “less fuel more distance” and set 500 km in 1 Liter as its next goal, which it aims to realize in Shell Eco-marathon 2017.

About ITU Facilis Automobile Team

Inspired by the Latin word “Facilis”, meaning “to facilitate”, ITU Facilis Automobile Team was established in 2001 under the supervision of Dr. Atakan Altınkaynak. Originating in the idea of designing and producing a national automobile brand, ITU Facilis Automobile Team aims to produce future’s automobiles that minimize fuel consumption and considers participating in competitions such as Shell Eco-marathon as a lever to reach this goal. Aiming to introduce a new perspective of mobility, ITU Facilis Automobile Team is bringing a Technical University perspective to the issue of transportation, one of the greatest challenges of urban life. The team is made up of ITU students from engineering disciplines of mechanical, aeronautical, electrical, electronics, communication, and management.