Lori Nix, the “Fake Landscape Photographer” at ITU RSG
Nov 01, 2016

Final countdown for the next ITU RSG exhibition has begun. Lori Nix exhibition entitled “City Statement” will open on 10 November 2016 as part of IFSAK (Istanbul Photography and Cinema Amateurs Association) Photography Days.

Lori Nix describes herself as “a photographer who produces the objects she is to photograph rather than wandering around to find things to photograph.” She prepares miniatures and models to create surreal scenes and post-apocalyptic landscapes where nature, controversies of life, and disarray of systems are articulated. Then, she photographs these landscapes that are devoid of people in a way to reveal the optimism, ambitions, and even humor of the previous inhabitants.


“Faux Landscape Photographer”

Focusing on disasters in her work she has produced in the past decade, Lori Nix largely deals with scenes that depict landscapes seized by nature while once inhabited by people. Spaces that are devoid of people, destroyed, and disarrayed hint at humanity’s weakness in the face of nature. With such dystopian setting, the conventional conceptualization of humanity who destroys the nature as the epitome of power is shattered.

Photographs of Dystopian Landscapes

Lori Nix, who describes herself as the photographer of “faux landscapes”, revels in wandering inside the infinitude of her audience’s imagination. Preferring open-ended narratives, Nix produces intricate and elaborate works of art. In her work, anger marries with humor on a dystopian landscape, and the theme of construction is frequently featured. Nix narrates all these without a conclusion.

The Exhibition is Open till 10 January

Lori Nix exhibition, hosted by ITU RSG, will feature the dark corners of life and urban ruins rather than their beauties. Inspired by spaces of knowledge and cultural media of the modern world, commonly depicted spaces in the work of Nix are theaters, museums, libraries, and a vacuum cleaner gallery.

The exhibition “City Statement” will be opened on 10 November, Thursday, at 19:30, with a reception at ITU RSG (Rectorate Art Gallery). The exhibition will be displayed every day, between 08:00-20:00 until 10 January 2017. All art-lovers are welcome to visit ITU RSG in the Rectorate Building, Ayazaga Campus.


IFSAK Photography Days

“Istanbul Photography Days”, organized by IFSAK annually since 1985, brings together Turkish and international artists with the aim of ensuring photography and cinematography knowledge is disseminated, developed and delivered and creating connection and solidarity among people who are interested in photography and cinematography. Within the scope of the event, numerous workshops, exhibitions, and lectures take place in different places in Istanbul. The theme of this year’s IFSAK Photography Days (1-30 November 2016) is “THANATOS – My Only Enemy is Myself.” For detailed information about Turkey's first photography festival, please visit www.ifsak.org.tr.

About Lori Nix

Lori Nix graduated from Truman State University, where she studied ceramics and photography. Based in New York, Lori Nix is also an advisory committee member in New York Film Academy. She lectures at universities and mentors young artists. In addition to numerous states in the USA, Lori Nix opened exhibitions in Canada, Italy, and Germany. Her exhibitions were displayed in New York Museum of Arts and Design, The Toledo Museum of Art, Ohio Museum, Moyland Castle in Germany, and Bruce Museum of Arts and Science in Greenwich.