Our Young Academists Were Deemed Worthy of GEBİP Awards by Turkish Academy of Sciences
Nov 03, 2016

Turkish Academy of Sciences (TUBA) has announced this year’s results of Young Scientists Award Programme (GEBIP). GEBIP Awards are granted to outstanding young scientists who are at the stage of establishing their own research programmes in Turkey after finishing their post-doctoral research activities. Among the 31 scientists who have been granted the GEBIP awards, two are ITU scholars: Assoc. Prof. Seda Aksoy Esinoglu of the Department of Physics Engineering and Assist. Prof. Mert Gür of the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Seda Aksoy EsinoÄŸlu

Assoc. Prof. Seda Aksoy Esinoglu was also one of the recipients of 2015 TUBITAK Incentive Awards given to outstanding researchers under 40, on the basis of their scientific contribution at an international level. Esinoglu received the TUBA-GEBIP Award for her outstanding research on intermetallic magnetic alloys in experimental solid-state physics, nanomagnetism, and nanodevice production, the results of which were published in the world’s esteemed journals such as Applied Physics Letters, Physical Review B, and Nature. Aksoy is also known for her studies on magnetic nanoparticle production through laser ablation and application of nanoparticles in cancer tratment.

Assist. Prof. Mert Gür has been granted the GEBIP Award for his research proposal entitled “The Effect of Cell Membranes on the Functioning of Cell Membrane Proteins Exposed to Neurological Drugs”. A contributing factor in Gür’s receiving the award was his much-cited articles in esteemed international journals such as Nature Communications, JBC, JCP, BJ and PLoS Bio. Research interests of Assist. Prof. Mert Gür are biomolecular machines and motors, computational simulation and modelling, molecular dynamics, simulations, statistical mechanics and thermodynamics, food drying, and drug design.

Mert Gür

TUBA-GEBIP awards, the objective of which is to foster young, outstanding scientists, are prestigious academic awards in Turkey. Out of 105 applications, 31 scientists have been granted the award and will receive 20 thousand liras per year throughout three years. When GEBIP awardees involve a Ph.D student in their research work, they receive an addendum of 6 thousand liras for their student.

As ITU family, we congratulate our scholars Assoc. Prof. Seda Aksoy Esinoglu and Assist. Prof. Mert Gür and wish them success in their future academic career. To access the list of academics who have received 2016 TUBA-GEBIP awards, please click here.

Acar: GEBIP will keep fostering the development of young scientists

TUBA President Prof. Ahmet Cevat Acar stated that as of 2016, 404 scientists benefitted from GEBIP since its introduction in 2001 and that the call for 2017 TUBA-GEBIP and TEÇEP awards will soon start.