İTÜ Radio Celebrates Its 71st Birthday with A Special Broadcast on “World College Radio Day”
Nov 04, 2016

ITU Radio, also Turkey’s first college radio, celebrated its 71st birthday by broadcasting in the “World College Radio Day” on November 4 2016. Blending its amateur spirit with a professional broadcasting philosophy, ITU Radio took part in the globally broadcasted World College Radio Day for the fourth time. During the 24-hour global streaming, ITU College Radio shared its repertoire for one hour with the world, addressing the whole world in English and Turkish.

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The first time ITU Radio took part in the World College Radio Day, organized as an international event since 2012, was October 1, 2013. This year ITU Radio broadcasted to 700 student radios in 43 countries with a special programme between 17:00-18:00 (Turkish Time). The programme featured 11 classical, rock, and jazz tracks by only Turkish musicians or music groups. Beginning its journey from Finland this year, World College Radio Day visited student radios representing Greece, United States, England, Ireland, Israel, Scotland, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Turkey (ITU Radio), Mexico, Canada, Croatia, United Arab Emirates, and France, eventually returning to the United States. The globally streamed radio programme can be listened at ITU Radio “Rock” channel via or “TuneIn” application. Those who miss the live stream can access to full version of the programme via TuneIn.

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From short-wave to the Internet: A 71-year journey

Starting its broadcasts in 1945 with a studio and a shortwave radio, ITU Radio has been broadcasting from three channels featuring rock, jazz-blues, and classical music since 2012. Making its first FM (frequency modulation) broadcast in 1954, 17 years later ITU Radio started the first stereo-FM broadcast in Turkey and continued to operate intermittently until 1980. In 1995, ITU Radio started to operate again, in its studio in Ayazaga Campus, via FM 95.0 MHz and Türksat Cable TV. In 1998, the radio started streaming on the Internet, pioneering the transformation Turkey has undergone in this realm with the spread of the Internet.

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With its 71-year broadcasting history and rich archive, ITU Radio has today become a professional platform with the contribution of 300 ITU members and guest hosts. Increasing its repertoire every other day, the radio plays from among its 1500 long-players, 580 phonograph records, 78 speed records, and 270 tapes.

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According to the data obtained from Tunein, a mobile radio streaming application, ITU Radio is among the top-listened college radios in Turkey and is listened by international audience in a wide variety of spots including the USA, Russia, Germany, Brasil, Mexico, and Japan. Alongside with programmes by ITU students, programmes by invited professional radio programmers are streamed in the radio.