Significant Contribution by Our Graduates Ülkü and Ersin Arıoğlu to Mustafa Kemal Hall
Nov 08, 2016

Mustafa Kemal Amphitheatre, located in the School of Foreign Languages Building at ITU Maçka Campus, re-opened on 7 November upon the completion of its restoration.

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Borusan Quartet Orchestra gave a concert at the opening ceremony of the amphitheatre, which was renovated with the support of Yapi Merkezi Group. Among the people who were present at the ceremony were ITU Rector Prof. Mehmet Karaca; previous rectors of ITU, Prof. Reşat Baykal and Prof. Faruk Karadogan; ITU Vice Rector Telem Gök Sadıkoglu; Dr. Ersin Arıoglu, an ITU graduate and Chairman of Yapi Merkezi Group; his wife Ülkü Arıoğlu, also an ITU graduate; directors of ITU Foundation, and ITU students and staff. Before Borusan Quartet’s feast for the ear, ITU Rector expressed his gratitude to ITU Foundation Women’s Committee and Arioglu Family for their contributions to the renovation of the amphitheatre.

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Mustafa Kemal Amphitheatre, also known as “G Amphitheatre”, has been restored with the support of the architects and engineers of Yapi Merkezi Group, ITU Office Construction and Technical Affairs, and ITU Directorate of External Affairs and Informatics. With the complete renewal of its stage, sound system, and lighting and seating units, the amphitheatre has attained a modern outlook.

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“We have reclaimed a historical legacy”

As the founding member of Yapi Merkezi Holding, in her address to the guests, Ülkü Arıoglu stated that restoring the amphitheatre was a way of showing reverence for ITU and a dream of her and her husband since their college years. According to Arioglu, the restoration of the amphitheatre, remaining loyal to its original form, was also an endeavor to preserve the historical legacy of our university. “Mustafa Kemal Amphitheatre has served the society and ITU since its opening in 1964. Numerous memorable concerts and cultural activities have been held here. It had a great acoustics and sound system in the past as well. I would like to express my deepest respect to Prof. Nezih Eldem, my professor from college years, who designed this hall considering its minute details and making meticulous acoustic calculations. It is a great joy for us to be a part of the attempts to preserve such a historical legacy”, Arioglu concluded her speech.

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