Happy Days Will Be Enlivened by Hande Gözen’s Design
Nov 11, 2016

Hande Gözen, junior student at the Department of Industrial Design, took first place in the Turkish Education Foundation’s (TEV) Happy Day Panel Competition with her design of a foldable mechanism made up of wooden sticks. The competition jury included Mehmet Erkök, ITU academic at the Department of Industrial Design, and selection criteria were creativity, originality, aesthetics, functionality, and applicability.

In the competition, the central aim of which was to feature gifts with high symbolic value and support young designers, Gözen introduced a new perspective into wreath utilization.


Overlapping her summer school project with the competition task, Gözen has since then been working on developing an original and easy-to-use mechanism. The metal funeral wreaths that could be adapted to be used in happy occasions such as wedding and engagement ceremonies were evaluated against the following four criteria: easiness-to-carry, low cost, material resilience, and utility in interior and exterior spaces. Gözen thought that “foldability” was central to meet these criteria and started working on her design. She used thin wooden sticks throughout the entire design development process and elaborated the foldability feature by tapping into the principles in the folding chair system and mechanism. Department of Industrial Design staff, Assoc. Prof. Hatice Hümanur Baglı and research assistant Ozan Soyupak Gözen, provided guidance to Gözen throughout her work.


The competition consisted of a “conceptual” and an “application” stage. Successfully completing the first stage, Gözen prepared for the second stage in the atelier of Bun Design, working on the final touch involving material types, colors, and name panel.

Gözen’s award was presented by Ömer Koç, President of TEV Board of Trustees and Chairman of Board of Directors at Koç Group, and Han Tümertekin, a jury member and 1982 ITU alumnus from the Department of Architecture. Gözen expressed that the competition process was a unique experience for her. The panel designed by her will be identified with TEV and help support the education of many young people.