“Plan4U” Project of ITU Renovate Team Was Awarded At Valeo Innovation Challenge 2016
Nov 14, 2016

For the purpose of designing future’s smart, environmental friendly, practical and pleasingly driven car, Valeo Innovation Challenge 2016 brought innovation spirit and creativity together with young students from different disciplines. Various projects about safety, decreasing carbon emission and enhancing driving experience took place in the competition. Although 8 universities from France, Germany, Japan, United States of America and Turkey advanced to the finals, there was no winner in the category our team competed. However, our students’ study was chosen the runner-up in the “New Ways to Use Cars” category. ITU Renovate Team is comprised of Mehmet Anıl Güzelankara from the Department of Physics Engineering and Emre Küçükkahveci, a graduate from the same department, and the team shared their runner-up position with University of Tokyo and Northwestern University of the USA.

itu_renovate_team (1)

The project is based on pre-booking journey system for autonomous cars that enables the early booking cars to reach their destination by using the shortest and the least busy route. The study also provides late booking cars to reach their destination on time via a longer route. In the project utilizing data usage, cars are directed to alternative routes having less traffic and the journeys end on time regardless of early or late booking. Our team, thereby, offers solution on reducing urban traffic congestion thanks to an intelligent route planner.

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Apart from being runner-up in the competition, ITU Renovate Team also rewarded 10.000 Euros prize. The finalist projects including ITU Renovate Teams’ can be viewed here. We congratulate our students on their international success for putting forward an innovative perspective to urban traffic congestion and wish them further success.

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