Enterprises of Future Appeared On Big Bang 2016 Stage
Nov 14, 2016

Entrepreneurs and angel investors met once again at Big Bang 2016 award ceremony that took place on 12 November 2016. With the theme “reflection”, Big Bang 2016 Competition was organized with the aim of promoting the projects that speak to the requirements of today’s world and providing the future entrepreneurs with the opportunity to introduce their ideas and projects. The event, featuring a rich content including interesting presentations and visual shows, involved 250 teams that were shortlisted from among 5600 applications. At the end of the competition process, 20 entrepreneur teams were selected to participate in the one-year incubation programme provided by ITU Seed. With the support of ITU Entrepreneurship ecosystem, a total amount of 5 million TL was transferred to the competing teams from investor networks. Two of these teams, Mikrop and Next Horizons, ranking first in the competition, received 175 thousand liras each from ITU Seed. 70 other entrepreneurs took their first steps to grow their companies.

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Entrepreneurs in Big Bang 2016, competing in “General category” and “Automotive technologies”, were supported by a vast reward pool and a large network consisting of ITU ARI Technopolis and many other stakeholders. The 300,000-TL Training and Project Acceleration prize by Istanbul Chamber of Industry was shared by “Mikrop” and “3Z” Teams, who also won the 200,000 cash prize of Industrialist of the Future Grand Prize. Park Kolay, Nanografen, Progin Bilişim, Formulate, and Metrobi teams shared the 250,000 TL cash prize given in “Automotive technologies” category by Automotive Industry Exporters' Union of Turkey.

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Elginkan Foundation, providing generous support for the Big Bang competition since ITU Seed was established, was once again among the sponsors of this year’s competition with its 100,000 TL prize. Turkcell, which took part for the first time in Big Bang, granted 300,000 TL as one of the key stakeholders of the event. Inviting for the first time angel investors networks and risk capital companies and seeking to garner further support, ITU Seed hosted many new companies such as TR Angels, Diffusion Capital partners, 500 Stratups, BIC Angels, Proline Ventures, Telos Angels, Vestel Ventures, Şirket Ortağım, Bluecap Ventures, Galata Business Angels, and Keiretsu.

Continuing its operations with the support and cooperation of various institutions such as Arıkovanı, Cardtek Group, Monitise, Ege Kimya, Yapı Kredi Teknoloji, IBM, and Microsoft, ITU Seed offers various benefits to technology entrepreneurs. The experience it accumulated through the entrepreneurship ecosystem at ITU and its ITU ARI Technopolis infrastructure are the greatest assets of ITU Seed.

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ITU Rector Prof. Karaca: “We are working hard to make Turkey a leading technology entrepreneur.”

ITU Rector Prof. Mehmet Karaca stated that since its establishment in 2011, ITU Seed had supported 1600 entrepreneurs from all over the country, with the number increasing to 1850 in 2016 Big Bang, and that a novel aspect of 2016 competition was the involvement of the investors in the process. Empasizing that Big Bang’s final is a key event that promotes entrepreneurship culture and ecosystem in Turkey, Prof. Karaca added that ITU Seed closely follows the activities of technology and entrepreneurship centres around the world in order to make the best use of the latest developments to further its agenda. According to Karaca inclusion of angel investors will function as a bridge internationalizing the event. “Big Bang, which we have been organizing for the past five years, has become an inspiring event for entrepreneurs, investors, academic circles, and our country. We host various kinds of entrepreneurial events at ITU Seed every year. We are working hard to make Turkey a leading technology entrepreneur. We would like to express our gratitude to all the bodies who have supported us since the very first days of ITU Seed,” Karaca concluded his speech.

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The Bests of Big Bang Appear on Stage

Aside from the pecuniary awards from Big Bang investment pool, in-kind prize was given to companies. Next Horizons, Buy Buddy, Smart Mimic, Teleporter, and WalkOVR received individual office rooms while all the finalists obtained the right to use the open office at ITU Seed. Semi-finalists were awarded with one-month free access to the Magnet, the new entrepreneurship centre to open at ITU ARI Technopolis soon.

The final of Big Bang 2016 provided different kinds of support to the participating teams. Teleporter team, for instance, received a financial support of 50 thousand USD to participate in the ITU GATE program, which gives the entrepreneurs the opportunity to introduce their projects in the United States.

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Microsoft Special Award of 240,000 USD, also called as cloud computing prize, was given to Studios and Getsy projects. Another cloud computing prize of 240,000 USD, given by IBM, was shared by Buy Buddy and Leadtime, which means a total amount of 1 million 520 thousand TL were given to these four teams for their cloud computing projects.

Mikrop and Horizons teams won first place in Big Bang 2016, receiving 175,000 TL prize in total. Teleporter team came second, receiving 170,000 TL while 3Z camed third, receiving 150,000 TL. Other teams who won Big Bang prize are Smart Mimic and WalkOVR, each receiving 150,000 TL.

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We congratulate all the projects and teams that received support and the 250 teams that were shortlisted from among 5600. We hope to meet all the investor networks, contributing companies, and entrepreneurs at Big Bang 2017.

You could watch the short version of Big Bang 2016 video here.