“City Statement”, an Exhibition Depicting the Post-apocalyptic City and Faux Landscapes, Open at ITU RSG
Nov 15, 2016

“City Statement”, opened on 10 November 2016 at ITU RSG, introduces the work of Lori Nix, who has brought up a new perspective into photography by producing the objects she photographs. The exhibition, opened as part of the 24th IFSAK (Istanbul Photography and Cinema Amateurs Association) Photography Days, features the photographs of destroyed and disarrayed landscapes that are devoid of people. With such a dystopian setting, conventional conceptualization of humanity who destroys the nature as the epitome of power is shattered. The exhibition deserves attention for its open-ended and miniaturistic depiction of disarray of systems, controversies of life, and post-apocalyptic landscapes seized by nature.

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Attending the opening ceremony of the exhibition via teleconference, Lori Nix answered the questions of visitors regarding her works and philosophy of art. Describing herself as “a photographer who produces the objects she is to photograph rather than wandering around to find things to photograph”, Nix stated that the miniatures she produced were inspired by her observations on metropolis life, which she thought was stifled by environmental problems but tempting for one’s gaze. Talking of her interest in science fiction as a factor that kindled her enthusiasm for producing faux landscapes, Nix stated that she had been working on City Statement for 11 years and incorporating new elements to it from time to time.

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Upon a question directed to her, Nix remarked on the relationship between human and environment. Indicating that she was concerned with attracting attention to the speed at which humanity destroys the World and the consequences of their preoccupation with dominating nature, Nix cited climate change as one of the sourced that she was inspired by. Nix announced that she is currently working on the second of the City Statement series, traveling around various cities and observing buildings as part of the work.

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Nix expressed her pleasure at having her Istanbul exhibition at a university. “The society establishes universities, and universities educate the artists. I hope art and artists will fuel social change, and I hope the visitors will enjoy the exhibition,” Nix concluded.

“City Statement” exhibition will be displayed at ITU RSG until 10 January 2017. All art-lovers are welcome to visit.

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Prof. Telem Sadikoglu: “We are glad to host the Lori Nix Exhibition.”
Among those who attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition were ITU Vice Rectors, Prof. Telem Sadikoglu and Prof. Tayfun Kindap, and President of IFSAK, Tanju Akleman. As the opening of the exhibition coincided with the 78th Anniversary of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s death, Sadıkoglu commemorated the victorious founder of the Republic narrating one of his quotes: “A nation devoid of art cannot have a full existence.” Then, she emphasized the role of ITU RSG, opened in February 2014 with the initiative of ITU Rector Prof. Karaca, in promoting art and creating space for different artistic perspectives. Sadikoglu added that Lori Nix exhibition was in harmony with what ITU RSG was trying to nurture and expressed her pleasure at hosting the exhibition. She concluded her speech by thanking IFSAK, the exhibition sponsor Vakifbank, and all the contributing parties for their support.

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