Children and Youth Meet at Curious Minds Science Festival
Nov 19, 2016

Children fascinated with science and understanding the world met at 2nd Curious Minds Science Festival jointly organised by ITU Science Center and Beyoglu Municipality.

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The event organised to kindle children’s interest in research and science through experiments and entertaining science activities was held in Taksim Square festival area.

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The event, targeting children aged 7-14 in particular, included scientific activities, thematic workshops, laboratory tasks, mind games, student project displays, and presentations by amateur and professionals of their discoveries.

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Children’s and parents’ interest in the event was high. Children and young people actively participated in various activities and workshops such as “My First Robot Workshop”, “Insects Workshop”, “Model Airplane Workshop”, “Sifigi Mind Games Workshop”, and “Making Musical Instruments”.

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In the opening ceremony of the festival, Halil Kayikçi, an ITU student in Astronautical Engineering, spoke to children - scientists, scholars, artists, and various occupation holders of the future.

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Kayikçi, expected to be the first Turkish youth to travel to space with his space trip next year, stated that he studied in public schools throughout his entire education life.

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 Among those who attended the opening ceremony were ITU Rector Prof. Karaca, Beyoglu district governor Osman Eksi, Beyoglu Mayor Ahmet Misbah Demircan, and directors from Istanbul Directorate of Ministry of Education.

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Karaca: “Science has no age”

In his address to the visitors, ITU Rector Prof. Karaca emphasized the crucial role of ITU Science Center, one of the organizers of the festival, in creating a common space where university and society can come together. According to Karaca, ITU’s mission does not only consist in providing higher education, but it also involves the responsibility for serving the common good by raising awareness on the importance of science. Prof. Karaca concluded his speech as follows: “Science has no age; it is for the service and enjoyment of everyone irrespective of age. Curiosity is an inherent human faculty, and as long as it exists, fascination with science will do so.”

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Demircan: “We should invest in our intellect and keep discovering.”

Beyoglu Mayor Ahmet Misbah Demircan expressed his pleasure at organizing the 2nd Curious Minds Science Festival in cooperation with ITU and stated that “in our knowledge society where production heavily relies on machines and robots, a crucial task for humanity is to invest in their intelligence and keep discovering.” “We expect our youth to make further discoveries,” said Demircan.

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Among the speakers were Assoc. Prof. Aytekin Çökelez, Director of ITU Science-Society Research Centre. Çökelez talked about ITU’s contributions to science, society, and all innovative fields and emphasized the crucial role of popular science in kindling public interest in science.

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