2016 IAESTE Representatives Meeting Conducted At Our University
Nov 22, 2016

General Meeting of university representatives of IAESTE Turkey (International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience) was organized at our University this year like previous ones. The organization, carried out at Prof. Dr. Remzi Ülker Conference Hall of Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Disaster Management Sciences, started after the speech of Prof. Dr. Gülhayat Saygılı, lecturer from Department of Chemical Engineering.

The event continued with the presentations prepared by the representatives of universities that are members of IASTE Turkey. Gizem Sacıhan, IASTE Director of Student Committee Inspection Board and student of ITU Department of Geomatics Engineering, gave a presentation on the studies of IASTE student committees and collaborations conducted at the national level. In the meeting the studies to be carried out next year were planned. Also the studies for the 70th IASTE General Conference to be held on January 20-26, 2017 as well as Turkey representatives that will participate were determined.

iaeste temsilciler toplantisi

What is IASTE and IASTE Turkey?

IAESTE (International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience) is an association, founded in 1948 in London with the initiative of ten countries, composed of national committees representing mutual interests of academic and industrial societies as well as university students. Targeting to establish international and strong collaboration between companies, universities and university students, IASTE enables qualified engineers and scientists to have new experiences in different parts of the World.

The Association continues its studies in over 80 countries and provides more than 4000 traineeship annually. IASTE Turkey is a member of the Association and was founded in 1955 by our University. IASTE Turkey is an institutional and legal entity under our Rectorate. IAESTE Turkey has more than 50 members and identifies candidate students through its local committees and provides internship opportunities for foreign students in our country.