Domestic Production Spurt On 5G by ITU and Turkcell
Dec 02, 2016

In mobile technology that reshapes today’s world each day, we pioneer new breakthroughs for our country. Within the framework of the contract we signed with Turkcell, our university will conduct joint studies in the fields of Research and Development and education. With this agreement, it is aimed that Turkey will be a producing country in 5G technology. Within the framework of this collaboration, a power union will be achieved with the laboratories in the Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering, Computer Engineering Institute of Informatics, High Performance Computing Centre, technical infrastructure opportunities at ITU and with the high technological opportunities of Turkcell. With these studies to increase the competitiveness of Turkey in regard with 5G, our students will have an excellent opportunity to take part in 5G studies and make contributions to this process.

As well as R&D studies within the scope of the agreement, ITU and Turkcell are going to act together at scientific events such as conferences, symposiums, seminars, workshops and panel discussions held for national and international 5G projects. Ensuring cooperation also in the standardization studies in the next generation communications, this agreement will make the Ayazağa Campus exactly a 5G center with the infrastructure to be established within our university for "ITU-Cell Research, Development and Test Environment".

turkcell-5G (1)

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca: “We have taken an important step towards becoming a third generation University.”

Within the protocol signed by our Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca, Turkcell CEO Kaan Terzioğlu and our Informatics Institute Director Prof. Dr. Ertugrul Karacuha, Turkcell and our university, adding value to Turkey by its qualified graduates in different branches of engineering and is a brand by proving its competence in technical education in our country, have launched a significant project partnership to catch the future.

Evaluating the agreement, Our Rector, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca stated that for ITU, the closest institution to be a “third generation university”, this protocol is an important step towards this direction. Reminding that the ones dominating the world system are the producers of information, Karaca emphasized that universities are the places where information is produced. He also stated that: "In line with Turkey’s targets for 2023, we will continue our mission of collaboration with industry. R&D activities to be carried out in both application and mobile communication systems will provide significant contribution to the future competitiveness of our country. I would like to emphasize that the project carried out with Turkcell is a start point in this regard."

In his speech, Kaan Terzioğlu, Turkcell CEO, emphasized that they have laid the foundation of 5G at the same time with the service of 4.5G. Stating that becoming a 5G Technologies producing country can be a milestone for our country, Terzioğlu commented on this collaboration by saying that: “With the collaboration with ITU, one of the best in technical education in Turkey, we are going to work together with the best engineers both at our company and at ITU to establish a 5G centre in the campus of the university.”

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Another name signing the protocol, our Informatics Institute Director Prof. Dr. Ertugrul Karacuha stressed that becoming involved in the areas of communication and informatics, which are the locomotives of economy, means producing technology and this agreement will contribute to local production within the frame of new technologies. He also added that: “With ITU and Turkcell collaboration, in regard with 5G we are going to found an open-area test, measurement and research center and make it available for everyone who carry out R&D activities. This will ensure participation in standardization studies in the world for 5G.”