Our University Will Produce 100% Domestic Earthquake Isolators
Dec 07, 2016

One of the most significant factors for the countries to develop and the companies to stand out in the international competition is seen as the combination of the academic culture of the universities and the energy of university youth and capital support of industry and its strong infrastructure. Advancements in technology and progress in design are known as the driving forces in the studies especially in the fields of R&D and Innovation. SANTEZ (Industrial Thesis Project) which is developed by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, and announced to all universities by an open call, also achieves this.

In these projects, the studies of the firms demanding R&D research from universities are determined as the thesis subjects of the graduate students. Thus, while graduate students are gaining career opportunities and experience, the firms also contribute to the universities through government-supported R&D studies. One of the studies carried out in our university within this context is the dissertation “Development of Domestic Earthquake Isolator” by Erdem Demirhan, a student in our Gradute Program in Earthquake Engineering, with the consultation of Assist. Prof. İhsan Engin Bal, a lecturer at Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Disaster Management.

deprem izolatoru

Entirely National Earthquake Isolator from Design to Testing Phase

The study of Demirhan focuses on the safety of the buildings having priority in terms of logistical assistance after a severe earthquake. In the project, entirely domestic earthquake isolators are aimed to be produced in our country in order to enable the significant buildings to serve such as hospitals, security and emergency help points, schools, communication centers etc. With this project which will provide an important advantage for the growing earthquake isolator market in Turkey, flow of cash abroad will decrease and these vehicles will be imported with affordable prices. With this project which will directly contribute to our economy, the design of this isolator can also be done by domestic resources as in the recent past, domestic production of this isolator has been achieved mechanically.

The first leg of this process based on two legs stands out as the creation of tangible economic benefits by providing domestic substitution in this field and the second leg is the preparation of the systems by our university which will be used in testing phase of the production of isolators. Thanks to the system produced by ITU and to be founded in a factory belonging to Arsan, a rubbery company demanding R&D work from our university, an earthquake isolator will be produced and its all stages of production, design and testing will be accomplished by domestic resources.

deprem izolatoru-2

In accordance with the protocol with Arsan, a part of this device founded will be used in the products of the company and other part of it will be used in R&D studies of our university in this field. Sharing his ideas about this process, our lecturer Assist. Prof. İhsan Bal underlined that when a need for earthquake isolator arises during the academic studies being conducted in our university, this need can be met by this company instead of by a company abroad. He also states that at the end of the studies to be carried out in the test system which will be founded in the company, new findings can be obtained regarding the scientific research.

It is expected that our university will start the production of isolator within the next 4 to 6 months and this project will be completed in 24 months. In the forthcoming period, we will continue to introduce SANTEZ projects being conducted in our university.