We Sang His Songs On His 85th Birthday: "Happy Birthday Zeki Müren!"
Dec 08, 2016

With his numerous compositions and lyrics engraved to memories as well as his voice quality overstaying his time and place, one of the most important and memorable names of our music history, Zeki Müren, our "Sun of Art", was commemorated with a special performance held by ITU Turkish Music Club in our university in his birthday on December 6th. Being one of the most important names of our artistic heritage, Zeki Müren, with the power of his music, artistic character, and mastery of expressing emotions, united a mass of people consisting of different segments of society and age groups exceeding the capacity of Suleyman Demirel Cultural Center.

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In the short video shown before the concert, audience listening the biography of the artist with a poetical language from his own voice, set off a journey filled with memories from his childhood with black-and-white photos to his professional career. The story starting with the role taken by Sun of Art in a school performance called "Çoban" continued with his acceptance to School of Fine Arts, joining Istanbul Radio, and his movie Beklenen Şarkı. Audience witnessed a life full of success including Zeki Müren's starting live concerts and receiving the first "Altın Plak" award in Turkey. In addition to his stage arrangements and clothes of the artist nicknamed as "Paşa", the novelties he brought to communication between the audience and the artist took place in this video.

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A Spectacular Repertoire with 29 Songs

After the video, a concert consisting of memorable songs expressing the emotions of people from all ages for decades started. First ITU Turkish Music Club Delegation and then chorists and finally conductor Mustafa Şahin greeted the audience and gave a feast of music consisting of a wide repertoire. After the introduction with İsmail Hakkı Bey's acemkurdî overture, the first song was "Zehretme Hayatı Bana Canânım" whose lyrics were written by Zeki Müren composed in the same maqam. The songs were sung within a chorus and in company with a soloist. The first part of the concert continued with the songs; “Tekrar Bana Dönsen”, “Belli Ki Terk Edip Gitmişsin Beni”, “Aldattın Beni Seviyorum Diye” and “Gece Kirpikli Kadın” that the artist worked on before his death and completed by others after his death, “Seven Ne Yapmaz”, “Aşktan Da Üstün”, “Manolyam”, “Aynı Bedende Can Gibiyiz” as well as “Aşkımla Oynama Kumar Değildir” that the audience accompanied, “Hayat Bazen Tatlıdır” and “Nazlı Bir Çiçek Gibi”.

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The second part of the concert starting with Zeki Müren's first known studio record "Bir Muhabbet Kuşu" which is a Şükrü Tunar song continued with “Bir Tatlı Tebessümün Bin Vuslata Bedeldir”, “Bir Gönül Hikayesi Anlatırdı Gözlerin” which is sung by ITU TMDK Lecturer Prof. Dr. İbrahim Eksin as a solist, “Gözlerin Doğuyor Gecelerime”, “Bir Demet Yasemen Aşkımın Tek Hatırası”, “Yaprak Dökümü Mevsimi Geldi”, “Yılları Durduracak”, “Elveda Bütün Hatıralar” accompanied by all the audience, “Beklenen Şarkı” which is the name of the artist's first movie, “Gül ve Bülbül”, and “Gitme Sana Muhtacım”. In addition to the program, TRT artist Sadiye Erimli who is one of the guests of the concert came to the stage upon the invitation of ITU Turkish Music Club team and sang the famous Turkish Classical Music piece "Dertliyim Ruhuma Hicranını Sardım Da Yine". Also, Conductor Mustafa Şahin who conducted the orchestra perfectly left the baton for a while and took the microphone to sing Zeki Müren's "Kandil" and "Annem" songs adressed to his mother sitting in the front row. This terrific concert was finalized with Zeki Müren's song "Şimdi Uzaklardasın" accompanied by the chorus and the audience. The song "İşte Benim Zeki Müren", which was listened from the artist's own voice and accompanied by the singing and the applause of the audience, was a tribute to our Sun of Art.

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In this special and meaningful night, ITU Turkish Music Club team which was on the stage until the end of the night, impressed the audience with its successful stage performance as well as their stylish dressing style. We would like to thank our team which made such a great evening possible and we hope that they will meet music lovers with new concerts in our university.