We Zoomed In Digital Transformation At Information Technologies Summit
Dec 12, 2016

Based on Gregor Samsa, the main character of Franz Kafka’s well-known book “Metamorphosis”, Information Technologies Summit determined this year’s theme as “digital transformation” and like every year, it hosted a lot of managers from different sectors and experts standing out in the field of Informatics. Professionals from different sectors such as banking, e-commerce, media, telecommunications, retailing, information technologies and human resources made a speech in the event which was followed by more than 1000 audience in the Hall along with more than 40.000 online audience. The summit was held in Maçka campus on December 2-3.

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In the summit, many significant issues were discussed such as digital transformation, one of the main factors affecting the economic and social relations increasingly complex nowadays; big changes in excess of the limit caused by this transformation; changing concepts about production and service; the impacts of information technologies and consequently, digital innovations on working relationships and living areas. Furthermore, from this point, the views on the innovations expected in the near future and in the long term and what R&D and innovations can contribute to the world more were discussed in the summit. Sharing their experiences in their career and daily life with the participants, the speakers tried to present different perspectives to the students by giving examples from their personal life.

The Bests of Social Media Received their Awards

Given by Management Engineering Club since 2010, Social Media Awards were presented on December 3, the second day of the Information Technologies Summit. The winners are determined by public vote in this process where among the celebrities and brands from art, sport and business world, the ones using the social media best are chosen. First of all, 5 candidates are determined in accordance with the recommendations taken from the users and agencies. This year, 135 candidates, reaching the final at the end of the vote in the second phase, competed for the awards in 27 categories. The bests of the social media were selected at the end of the process in which 1 million people voted. The list of the winners involves these names in Social Media Awards this year:

Individual Blog - Biz Evde Yokuz
Serial - Poyraz Karayel
The Most Popular User - Burcu Esmersoy
Journalist - İrfan Değirmenci
News Source - Hürriyet
Content Platform - Onedio
Institutional Blog - THY
Trade - Mavi
Person of Media - Mesut Yar
Humor - Cem Yılmaz
Mobile Application - Getir
Singer Man - Murat Boz

Music Band - Mor ve Ötesi
Singer Woman - Sıla Gençoğlu
Actor - İlker Kaleli
Actress - Burçin Terzioğlu
Radio - Power FM
Official Institution - Beşiktaş Belediyesi
Art Center - İstanbul Modern
Civil Society - Lösev
Sports Club - Galatasaray
Sports Show - Beyaz Futbol
Sportsman - Lukas Podolski
TV Channel- Kanal D
TV Show Program - Güldür Güldür Show
Writer - Ayşe Kulin
Youtube - Oha Diyorum

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About Information Technologies Summit

Information Technologies Summit, held by ITU Management Engineering Club since 2007, shapes the futures of young people by informing them about new technologies and developments in this field, and also it makes the young feel the “entrepreneurial spirit” by bringing them and entrepreneurs together.