İTÜ BMT-KAUM Addressed the Current Affairs About Fighting Violence Against Women
Dec 13, 2016

Violence against women is still a major problem in the world due to male-dominant social structure. ITU Women’s Studies Centre in Science, Engineering and Technology (ITU BMT-KAUM) carries out substantial amount of work against violence culture targeting woman identity and existence in the university. Most recently, the Centre held the panel “Current Developments in Fighting Violence against Women in Turkey and in the World” on the November 25, the International Day for Elimination Violence against Women, in order to draw the attention to and create awareness on this matter.

In the event started with the presentation by Prof.Dr. Fatma Arslan, an associate from the Mineral Processing Engineering Department, and the Director of ITU BMT-KAUM, focusing on the data on violence against women in Turkey and in the world, Att. Canan Arın, the Founder of Mor Çatı Women’s Shelter Foundation, and Şehnaz Kıymaz, a Board member of the organization Women for Women’s Human Rights - New Ways, discussed the relevant nation-wide and worldwide practices under the moderation of Prof. Dr. İpek İlkkaracan, an associate from the Management Engineering Department.

bmt kaum panel

Arın pointed out that in Turkey, one in 5 women is murdered because they want to divorce or break up and therefore, laws and judges should take a stand in favour of women, indicating that changes in the laws will contribute to court decisions favourable to women. Arın reported that the right of sexual immunity has been recognized with the adoption of the Crimes against Sexual Immunity, noting the fight of TCK 103 platform with this respect. Arın shared her opinions on the matter, reporting “in the article titled ‘sexual harassment of children’, the age of sexual intercourse is adopted as 15; and the platform asked that the age of consent for sexual intercourse set out in the Article 103 of Turkish Criminal Code be adopted as 18, since the definition of “child” includes any age under 18.”

Şehnaz Kıymaz, a Board member of the organization Women for Women’s Human Rights - New Ways, mentioned, in her speech, international penal sanctions for and conventions on the violence against women. Reminding that Turkey is also a signatory to the Internationally Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) and “the Council of Europe Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence against Women and Domestic Violence”, which is also known as “Istanbul Convention”, Kıymaz conveyed that these conventions are referred in case of any matter which is unable to be solved through domestic law. She also touched upon the importance of the inclusion of gender mainstreaming in the 2030 Goals under the United Nations Sustainable Development Program (UNDP).

The event where the issues deriving from violence against women and child marriages, which is also a problem for our country due to lack of education and traditionalized improper practices were discussed, ended with question and answer session between the panellists and audience. The studies carried on by ITU BMT-KAUM at the university can be followed up through the website, Facebook page and Twitter profile of the Centre.