Our Students Awarded with Bee Badges
Dec 16, 2016

No matter what life stage we are in, “being the first” always means “leaving a permanent mark”. In this week’s senate meeting, the students, entering faculties with the highest scores, were honored with bee rosettes as the symbol of our university taking the first place many times with the achievements in its 244 year-history. The rosettes for the students who entered our faculties with the highest scores were given by our Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca. Karaca wished that these students would take the first place also in the graduation.


Our students also received a certificate of celebration addressed to them by Presidency of Higher Education Board. In the certificates of celebration, Prof. Dr. Yekta Saraç, the Head of Higher Education Board, stated that he believed our young people will grow up by internalizing our national culture and international values and added that this success is a common joy. Emphasizing that university education shouldn’t be considered as an end; Saraç added that the concept of “lifelong education” is becoming a necessity in today’s world. Underlying that the concepts such as research, freedom of expression, respect for different ideas, acting with philosophy of science and patriotism are as important as professional knowledge, the Head of Higher Education Board finalized the celebration message by stating that he is sure these students entering our faculties in the first place will create the brain power to promote development of our country. Also he stated that he believes these students’ devotion to work will last for a lifetime and he presented his congratulations.

Our students entering our faculties by taking the first places in university entrance exams: Yusuf Akdoğan, from the Department of Computer Engineering in Computer and Informatics Faculty; Cuma Ali Yılmaz, from the Department of Ship Machinery and Management Engineering in Maritime Faculty; Yunus Kaylı, from the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering in Electrical-Electronics Faculty; Naim Tirali, from the Department of Mathematics Engineering in Arts and Sciences Faculty; Semih Kalma, from the Department of Naval Architecture and Ship Machinery in Naval Architecture and Maritime Engineering Faculty; Ceren Özsaltık, from the Department of Chemistry Engineering in Chemistry-Metallurgy Faculty; Ali Sina Çandarlı, from the Department of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering in Mine Faculty; Lokman İsmail Köse, from the Department of Mechanical Engineering in Mechanics Faculty; Arda Coşan, from the Department of Architecture in Architecture Faculty; Bedri Utku Baykan, from the Department of Textile Engineering in Textile Technologies and Design Faculty; Ozan İbrahimağaoğlu, from the Department of Aeronautical Engineering in Aeronautics and Astronautics Faculty; Hüseyin Azboy, from the Department of Civil Engineering in Civil Faculty and Mert Hüseyin Eşmen, from the Department of Industrial Engineering in Management Faculty. We congratulate all these students and wish them a continued success.