Informatics and Mobile Technology Met in Communications Week
Dec 20, 2016

The first and the biggest student event in the communication sector, “Communications Week” was held by ITU Students in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (ITU IEEE) in the Great Hall of Culture & Arts Union in Ayazağa Campus on December 5-8. The experts from the world of communication and technology participated in this four-day event in which the professionals shared their ideas on the world of tomorrow.

communications week (1)

In the first session of the event, Dr. Cenk Sezgin, the Director of Turk Telekom Corporate Services, shared his studies about “Internet of Things and Smart Cities Project” with the participants. And then, Doğan Özmen, the Manager of Turk Telekom Academy Group, mentioned about “Telecommunication Technologies from Past to Present and Fiber Technologies”. In the third session of the day, Ahmet Can Koral, the team leader of Huawei Technologies, made a presentation titled “4,5G and LTE”. In the last session of the day, Güney Erkolukısa from Schneider Electric addressed the audience with his presentation on Smart Cities.

communications week (2)

The second day of this special event, bringing the students with professionals from different sectors, started with the speech of Aykut Demirci, the Project Manager of Vestel Smart Phones, on the steps of smart phone production process. After the presentation of Mustafa Aldemir, a software engineer in Intel IoT, on the internet of things, Ozan Özkan, a software engineer in Crytek, shared his ideas on virtual reality.

On the third day of the event, which drew attention by the workshop of Software Radio Programming by Labview which was held by Enovas Engineering, Deniz Köylü, Ericcson Middle-East and Africa Region Business Development Manager responsible for Strategic Investments, examined the development of mobile technologies with the participants.
The last guest of the third day of Communications Week was Murat Gök, the Director of Samsung Mobile Solutions, with his presentation on mobile data security. After the speeches of the third day, Batesmotelpro, a creative video team which built a vast audience with their communication studies so far, had an entertaining talk with the participants.

communications week (3)

On the last day of the event, 20 person-team consisting of students from Departments of Computer Engineering and Electronics and Communication Engineering visited Huawei Turkey Office.