Development Minister Lütfi Elvan Visited Our University
Dec 26, 2016

Our university has graduated many scientists, artists, and engineers; we are prominent in the cultivation of statesmen who have played important roles in the administration of Turkey. A 1983 graduate of the Department of Mining Engineering, Faculty of Mining, and the Turkish Minister of Development, Lütfi Elvan, visited the university that he graduated from 33 years ago.

Kalkinma Bakani Lutfi Elvan Ziyareti (1)

Mr Elvan, who received detailed information about the research and application centers at our Ayazağa Campus, stated that the projects we have developed are a source of pride and thanked our Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca and our academics. The Minister of Development also attended the board meeting of our university. Following a presentation by the Rector about the ongoing projects at our university, Mr Elvan proceeded to explore the DMA Electric Vehicle and Energy Storage Research and Development Laboratory and the Medical Device Research, Development and Application Laboratory.

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Elvan Stated “We are faced with a picture that we are really proud of”

During his visit, Mr Elvan noted that the university had reached a potential for exporting electric vehicles to many parts of the world, including the People's Republic of China, and that ITU ARI Teknokent had contributed to this achievement stating "A structure has been created that is able to design and manufacture all electrical components for both automobiles and buses.


We evaluated the work of ITU’s research infrastructure and its future objectives together with our colleagues at the university. We are confronted with a picture that we are really proud of". He then examined a specially designed mammography device used in the diagnosis of breast cancer, developed at the Medical Device Research, Development and Application Laboratory with the purpose of preventing exposure to harmful x-rays emitted by mammography devices.

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Mr Elvan stated “As the Ministry of Development, we will continue to provide the necessary support to ITU”

In his speech, Lütfi Elvan emphasized the importance of these devices produced in our project centers. With his visit, he said he could see the earnest work being carried out in technology, innovation, and R&D in our country. The Minister emphasized how extremely important it was that many of the projects developed in the centers he visited were one of a kind and the most advanced models in the world stating “I would like to thank all of our academics and researchers, especially our Rector. On behalf of the Ministry, I will continue to support this university that has brought these great ideas to life”.

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Our Rector Dr. Mehmet Karaca stated "As ITU, we will do everything that is required of us"

Our Rector Mehmet Karaca, who took the floor after Minister Elvan's statements, said: "First of all I say to the Minister, 'welcome home.’ Mr. Minister studied at our university between 1979 and 1983. Much has changed in our university since the day he graduated, especially in the last four years. We were very pleased with his visit and receive his valuable advice. Our university, which regards the development of our country as its biggest target, will do what whatever is required of it and will contribute to the advancement of Turkey. "

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Minister Elvan, who also saw the solar car developed by our students, took photographs with students from the ITU Solar Vehicle Team (ITU GAE). Other stops on Minister Elvan’s visit included the DMA Electric Vehicle and Energy Storage R & D Center, the Medical Device Research, Development and Application Laboratory, UHUZAM Satellite Communication and Remote Sensing UY-GAR Center, TARBİL Agricultural Monitoring and Information System Project, Turkey's only working nuclear research reactor, and ITU SEED at the ITU Teknokent ARI 3 Building, which ranks 8th in Europe and the 18th in the world among incubation centers. Following the detailed information he received at these stops, his visit was capped off with an evening meal at ITU ARI Teknokent before his departure.

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