Mining’s New Application Center Has Opened
Dec 26, 2016

Our university has added a new addition to its educational and research centers where numerous projects have been produced and application studies have been carried out. The ITU Stone Building Mining Training and Application Center, the first in its field in Turkey, has been active with security applications and R & D work that will be carried out in the field of mining. The facility, which opened in the Akdağlar Agrega Mine on the 22nd of December, will transform theoretical education in our Mining Engineering Department into field applications, setting the foundations of Turkey's safest mining site. Students who study here will be able to see, in practice, mining safety enhancement measures, open pit mining, mineral preparation, and explosive materials, in addition to internship possibilities and thesis studies.

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The Stone Building Mining Training and Application Center is among the first of its kind in Turkey.

In addition to the mining engineering departments in our country, associations in the field and experts in the field of mining, our Rector Dr. Mehmet Karaca, Deputy Mayor of Sarıyer, Gökhan Zeybek, the building donors, Akdağlar Agrega Mine, a large number of companies and non-governmental organization representatives, academics and students all participated in the opening ceremonies of the ITU Mining Engineering Department Application and Training Center which is expected to be a meeting, application and training center.

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During the opening ceremony, our Rector Dr. Mehmet Karaca stated that the facility was one of the first and best examples of industry-university cooperation in our country. Dr Karaca emphasized that the Center will perform a very important function by filling the gap between theory and practice in mining education. He added that the Center was very sensitive to the issue of work place safety, and that the student’s safety was as much a priority as their education. The Rector concluded his speech with the following: "In this center, students will have the opportunity to mainly carry out practical studies in addition to theoretical education from their first year to their last year of school. Our student center, with a capacity of 60 students, will be active even during university holidays. Especially in summer, we will be able to use it in shifts. "

Prof. Dr. Orhan Kural stated "A five-year long dream has come true."

Professor Dr. Orhan Kural, head of the Department of Mining and Mining Engineering said that a five year long dream had been realized with the opening of the Stone Building Mining Education and Practice Center, named thus by a university senate decision. Briefly touching on the difficulties faced during the process of realizing this project, he felt that this hard won Center would become a meeting point for miners.

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Also at the ceremony, Gökhan Zeybek, Deputy Mayor of Sarıyer who is an ITU graduate, stated that ITU’s Ayazağa Campus is an important brand for Sarıyer and because of this he was more than pleased to have supported his university in this project and that he believed this cooperation would give rise to new projects in the future.

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The Center Will First be Bade Available to Our Students, Then All Mining Atudents

The building which will serve as the ITU Engineering Department Application and Training Center, emerged as a result of the renovation of an old stone building in the Akdağlar Agrega Mine in Ayazağa. In the center, which opened with the support of the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs and Sarıyer Municipality, our mining engineering students will have applied courses in mine safety, open pit mining, mineral processing, and explosives. The Center, which will operate during the summer, will initially be available only to our students. Soon after, it will be to open students who study at mining faculties in other universities.