We Come Together at Our Traditional Year-End Meeting
Dec 28, 2016

Our year-end meeting, which has become a tradition, was held this year at the Ayazağa Campus Süleyman Demirel Cultural Center, with a crowded audience present.

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In his presentation of this year's studies and projects at our university, Rector Dr. Mehmet Karaca shared important information about the facilities that will be brought to our university in the near future, infrastructure studies, and innovations for our students, ideas that will increase the quality of life at ITU for academic and administrative staff alike.

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The event, moderated by ITU Radio Broadcasting Director Süha Çalkivik, offered the Rector’s general evaluation of this year as a presentation of the university's various developments regarding its future journey in a broad and detailed list of projects ranging from an aim at increasing the quality of education and training as a result buildings soon to be available on our campuses, to relationships with our graduates, to enlivening social life at ITU.

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Prof. Karaca shared his thoughts about the vision for the strides that ITU will make from now on, explaining the things that need to be done in order to reach the goal of the third generation university in a speech which emphasized professor-student relations, through examples from abroad. Stating that R&D, entrepreneurship and innovation are the three most important driving forces for entrepreneurship and innovation for reaching the university’s goals, the Rector emphasized that academic work will be supported more and that this support will be linked to performance; he emphasized that this is very important in order to be a hardworking university.

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He also mentioned the entrepreneurship ecosystem, headed up by ITU ARI Teknokent, stating that not only will operations by ITUSEED, ITU Gate, ITUNOVA and ITU Ginova increase, there will be new units established in addition to existing ones in order to strengthen the system. The Rector pointed out the ground gained by ITUSEED as a pre-incubation center, in such a short time, noting that private sector for our entrepreneurship ecosystem had increased by a considerable extent.

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He also added that during his second term in office, providing the necessary infrastructure and promoting the lifestyle for students to engage in sport, art and other extracurricular social activities leading to more rounded graduates was of vital importance. In this context, he also noted that the Board of Directors will focus more on ITU Stadium and the ITU Turkish Music State Conservatory (ITU TMDK). Dr Karaca emphasized that 2017 will be a breakthrough year in every sense for the university, and that the decisions needed for great development and transformation will need be taken in an active manner with multiple viewpoints taken into consideration. The presentation also included details of what stage projects aimed at improving the physical conditions of the faculties and settlements were at.

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Following the presentation of our Rector's evaluation of 2016, successful students who gained admission were given certificates and gifts, ITU ARI Teknokent project winners were given awards, and retired academics and administrative staff were presented with plaques.

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The year-end meeting wrapped up with a performance by ITU TMDK Voice Education Department Head Dr. Erol Parlak, winner of this year's Presidential Culture and Art Grand Prize for his work in introducing Anatolian culture to the world and his development of new techniques and perspectives in Turkish Folk Music.

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Our Rector Dr. Mehmet Karaca, in the last part of his presentation, celebrated ITU’s New Year with the following words:

Dear ITU,

After a year of solidarity, original ideas and the value of common reason, we meet 2017 with the excitement of "making a difference". We will step into the 244th year of our university, and I wish that our unity and co-existence will grow our success story even more.

I wish the new year to bring with it peace, health and success for the ITU family, and I thank you for all of your valuable efforts in 2016.

I wish you all a happy new year with the hope of sharing a year of happiness, peace, and uniting in shared joy. 

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca