The 2017 Turkish Antarctic Season Begins
Jan 02, 2017

The Istanbul Technical University’s Polar Research Application and Research Center (ITU PolReC), which carried out the first Turkish Antarctic Research Expedition in 2016, accelerated its work for the 2017 Antarctic season.

ITU PolReC, the first and only Turkish polar research center to conduct scientific studies, is working together with many countries to include Turkish scientists in the 101 research centers of 31 countries located in Antarctica. As part of an agreement, Prof. Dr. Gökhan Halıcı of Erciyes University has set out from Istanbul in order to work for the Mendel Antarctic Station of the Czech Republic’s Masaryk University for the 2017 Antarctic Summer Season.


The flag that Dr Halıcı will be taking to Antarctica was presented to him by ITU PolReC Director Assoc. Prof Dr Burcu Özsoy with attendance by the Polar Research Student Team (Polsteam) members, in uniform. Dr Özsoy commented that "until Turkey's Antarctic Science Base is built, the use of other countries’ science bases to increase scientific capacity, the formation of bilateral co-operation is both a necessity and the spirit of science."

ITU PolReC will send 4 Turkish scientists from different institutions to Antarctica next year.