Our Electrical Engineering Department Receives a "Best Paper” Award
Jan 05, 2017

The International Power Electronics and Motion Control Conference, organized by the IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, one of the world's largest professional technical organizations, which was held in 2016 (17th International Conference on Power Electronics and Motion Control IEEE-PEMC 2016) awarded it "Best Paper" honor to Electrical Engineering Department lecturer Assoc. Dr. Lale Tükenmez Ergene, from Dr. Murat Imeryüz’s department , graduate student Hakan Gedik, and doctoral student Nezih Gökhan Özçelik as well as Railway Systems Master's Program student Uğur Emre Doğru for his work on Numerical and Experimental Comparison of TLA Simultaneous Resistor Motor and Input Motor (Numerical and Experimental Comparison of TLA Synchronous Reluctance Motor and Induction Motor).

The work leading up to the award that was presented at the September 25-30 event in Varna, Bulgaria, came to life through an İTÜ - ARÇELİK A.Ş cooperation, supported by the TUBITAK TEYDEB 1511 and İTÜ AYP programs.


What are IEEE IES, IAS, and IEEE-PEMC?

The Industrial Electronics Society (IES) and the Industrial Applications Society (IAS) of the IEEE, which has a diverse array of disciplines within their structure, are involved in theoretical, design, production, communication, control, industrial production systems and processes in the fields of electrical and electronic engineering research. The 17th conference of the biennial event was held in 2016 with the support of IEEE-IES and IAS, which organize numerous conferences, symposia, and workshops; the "International Power Electronics and Motion Control Conference (IEEE-PEMC 2017)" stands out as one of the oldest conferences on the subject in Europe. For the first time at this year's International Power Electronics and Motion Control Conference (IEEE-PEMC 2017), instead of classical poster presentations, "dialogue sessions" were held which involves an extended poster presentation called "dialogue presentation" where both the poster and the presentation are used at the same time.