The "Battle of Musicals": Three Days of Music and Stage Lights
Jan 05, 2017

Musicals, where acting meets music, took stage at our Maçka Campus. The ITU Musical Community exhibited different works from around the world during the 3 day "Battle of Musicals" event.

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The ITU Musical Community performed on the 24th, 26th, and 27th of December during the Battle of Musicals event, causing great excitement with its performance of 20 different musicals including singing, dancing and visual performances.

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In the event where songs chosen from different musicals competed with each other, the audience determined the top 3 performances via internet voting. Thus, in the series of musical performances performed by Altay İçimsoy and Tara Hacikoglu, the top 3 performances were selected for each day.

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On the first day of the Battle of Musicals, “Bound to You – Burlesque” was chosen for first place, the second day "Live in A Living Color - Catch Me If You Can" was chosen and on the third "Confrontation - Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde ". On December 26th, “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You - Jersey Boys” took top prize, with “Bound to You - Burlesque” coming in second place and “Hard to Be The Bard - Something Rotten” in third. On the last day of performances, the curtain closings saw “Money-Cabaret” placing first followed by “Be Italian-Nine” and “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You - Jersey Boys” placing second and third, respectively.

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In addition to these performances, there were many famous musicals such as “Hair”, “Les Miserables”, “Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” which were also enjoyed by the audience as part of this event.

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