Entrepreneurs Who Make Life Easier Spoke to Our Students at "We Are Young"
Jan 12, 2017

An event bringing together young entrepreneurs who have yet to turn 30, titled “We Are Young”, was organized at our university with a partnership between ITU Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center (ITU Ginova) and CEOtudent. Young entrepreneurs who spoke at the event January 9th and 10th at the Ayazağa Campus described their success stories to the participants.

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Participants listened with great interest to 17-year-old high school student, Kadir Can Kırkoyun, whose story starts in Turkey and extends to Silicon Valley and to 17-year-old, ITU Development Foundation Special Ekrem Elginkan Lisesi high school student, Tutya Yilmaz who represented our country at the Rio Olympics in 2016 share tips on how "our country sent the youngest athlete to participate in the Olympics in the history of gymnastics"

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Other participants in the “We Are Young” event included the following: Mert Salur, Founding Partner of Getir, currently a very popular mobile app, Turancan Salur, Founding Partner of Bitaksi, a mobile platform that makes life easier for transportation, Teleporter Founding Partner Dilara Keçeci, CEOtudent Managing Partner Emre Can Durmaz, Lala Founding Partner Eray Erdogan, Anlatsın.com Founding Partner Eril Gün Ezerel, Jetract Founding Partner Hüseyin Nalbantoğlu, BeeSportive Founder Kerem Engin, Vivosens CEO and Founding Partner Miray Tayfun, Garage Co-Founder Murat Karademir, Insprea Founding Partner Tarık Demir, Mutlubiev CEO and Founding Partner Tayga Baltacıoğlu, and Evreka CEO and Founding Partner Umutcan Duman. These Professionals who have achieved significant successes with their experience in different sectors, inspired our students with horizon-expanding talks by explaining their success stories and motivating our young people in their future careers.

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