5th Generation Mobile Internet was Discussed at the "5G Turkey" Conference, hosted by ITU
Jan 19, 2017

Our university was host to the “5G Turkey" conference where upcoming 5G technology (which our country aims to be among the producers of) and what kind of effect this technology will have on different areas was discussed. The event organized by Ericsson, one of the most important telecommunication giants in the world, was attended by many guests at the Ayazağa Campus including Chief advisor to the President and ITU graduate, Professor Dr. Davut Kavranoğlu, our Rector, Dr. Mehmet Karaca, President of Ericsson Turkey, Ziya Erdem, Therese Hydén, Consul General in Sweden, Head of Information Technologies and Communications Authority, Ömer Fatih Sayan, Professor of the Informatics Institute, Dr. Ertuğrul Karaçuha, and 5G Research Director, Dr. Lütfiye Durak. The conference, which brought together our scientists and the business world, addressed a broad scope of topics from the impact of 5G on industry and economy to its transformative nature on everyday life, under the headings of "Mobile Operator Panels in Turkey, 5G for Industry" and "5G Studies in Academia".

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Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca: "As the university of first and most, we will be a pioneer in 5G"

When addressing the participants with his talk, our Rector Dr. Mehmet Karaca stated that true power comes from knowledge and that those who use this power correctly rule the world. The Rector who emphasized that continuously processable and reproducible information is the greatest service to mankind, also stated that this university aims to be a “third generation” university where patents and production of goods to enhance the quality of life of the community was of the utmost value. Dr Karaca described the role of the university in establishing the necessary infrastructure for undertaking 5G technology in our country thus: "This is the 'first and most university'. Many things you can think of, from the first televisions in our country to the first radio, was produced in our university, with its story of 244 years. As a pioneering university in 5.5G we will continue these ‘mosts’. We will accomplish this with Teknokent as well as with other units and departments. That's why we are proud to host such an important event. "

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Prof. Dr. Davut Kavranoğlu: "Let's create an investment fund for 5G."

A graduate of ITU and Chief Advisor to the President Dr. Davut Kavranoğlu who participated in the conference mentioned that a lot of ground could be gained in 5G technology with the establishment of a High Technology Investment Fund such as the Investment Fund of Turkey. Dr Kavranoğlu touched upon many points related to the issue including how the new fund to be created would support young people and companies with their entrepreneurial 5G ideas and that state institutions could support this with new tax regulations that would return the benefits to industry.

ITU Informatics Institute Director Dr. Ertuğrul Karaçuha emphasized that in addition to being an information society for the development of our country, the concept of "communication" is at the center of usable and transferable information production.

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ICTA President Dr. Ömer Fatih Sayan: "More than 4 billion people are using the internet."

"We are a good manufacturer with a young and dynamic population; we have good ideas and we can develop technology. We attach importance to domestic and national production in the information and communication sectors which have become intertwined; this is why we started our 5G work long ago. 2017 will be a year in which investments in 5G technology will explode and we will see successively the first studies on consumer electronics in particular. At the GSMA in February you will also see that nothing other than 5G will be spoken about. 5G will be the key not only in communications and publishing, but also in industry and manufacturing. For this reason, I can say that the authorities in the world are at the beginning of a year in which they will work more and work together with industrial organizations. The ecosystem of 5G technology will be wider and wider than previous generation technologies."

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Ziya Erdem: "In 2020, the number of devices is estimated to be 29 billion."

General Manager of Ericsson Turkey, Ziya Erdem stated that Turkish demos of 5G will be available in 2020 and that it is expected to be fully realized in 2020, citing that work continues on this in Turkey. Erdem stated that megabits followed by gigabits will enter all of our lives while discussing experiments being carried out in the United States, Japan and South Korea.

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The conference continued with the “Mobile Operator’s Panel” moderated by Prof. Dr. Ertuğrul Karaçuha with participation by Elif Yenihan Kaya of Turkcell, Dr. Mustafa Ergen of Türk Telekom, and Ayşenur Şenyer of Vodafone. The guests, who expressed their opinions about 5G, also answered questions from the participants.

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In other panels of “5G Turkey” where 5G was discussed in every aspect, the "5G for Industries" theme was further explored with contributions by "5G Access Network Evolution Applications” by Savaş Arıkan, "Transport Network Evolution" by Zeeshan Shafeeq, and "5G Core Network Evolution" by Kemal Erman. In the panel titled "5G Academic Research in Turkey" which was one of the highlighted sub-activities of the conference, ITU 5G Research Director Dr Lutfiye Durak, Professor Dr. A. Özgür Yılmaz of Middle East Technical University, and Dr Mutlu Koca of Bogazici University shared their views with the participants. At the meeting moderated by Fatma Özdemir, Ericsson discussed the latest Mobility Report, which foresees that by 2022, the number of 5G users will increase to 20 million in the Middle East region, of which Turkey is considered part of, with 500 million users worldwide, and that the number of online devices connected through the internet of things will reach 29 billion.