We Hosted World famous Geologists, Hans Thybo and Irina Artemieva
Jan 30, 2017

We hosted two important names in geoscience, President of the European Geosciences Union (EGU), Dr Hans Thybo, and University of Copenhagen Faculty of Geosciences and Natural Resources Department of Geology, Dr Irina Artemieva at our Ayazağa campus. The scientists who came together with our academics and students shared their thoughts and professional experiences about their scientific studies in successive seminars.


Drs Thybo and Artemieva's visit continued with meetings where they exchanged views with academics on collaborative work on joint research projects. On the last day of the visit, our Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca presented bee badges, a symbol of our university to the scientists who came together at his office.

Turkey’s earthquake potential will be determined

It was announced during the visit that Dr Thybo and Dr Artemieva will also participate in a project that will be carried out in cooperation with other research institutions in Turkey under the leadership of our university. The project includes industrial, as well as scientific research. The study, involving tens of researchers from Norway, the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Finland and six other countries, will clarify how the Anatolian plateau and lithosphere are going to be deformed. One of the most important proposals created and communicated through different research methods includes seismological surveys. According to these recommendations, large profiles along the Anatolian plate will be produced and electromagnetic studies will be done. With the help of geodesy to understand the moving tectonics of Anatolia, along with measurements to be made via satellite, the extent to which the land in Turkey is moving will be determined, and therefore the earthquake potential of our country will be measured.


Dr Hans Thybo: "The work to be done in Turkey can solve many tectonic problems."
In the event organized at İhsan Ketin Conference Hall, Dr Hans Thybo gave his talk titled "From Mantle Dynamics to Continental Rifting, Shelf Evolution and Basin Subsidence" to a large number of academics and students from different universities and institutions. Focusing on the tectonic movements of the continents, especially in Europe, Dr Thybo gave examples from his academic work on the title topic. Dr Thybo stated that there are important clues about the solution to the problem of the development process which is not fully understood even today, of expansion of rift basins potentially carrying oil and natural gas, using tectonic geophysical methods, emphasizing the effect of seismological studies on the tectonic and magmatic evolution of the earth's crust. Dr Hans Thybo expressed his views thus: "I think that in the case of Turkey, where important active and passive rift basins are located, if interdisciplinary studies are conducted in such fast-opening areas as the Aegean Sea and the Black Sea, many tectonic problems will be solved."

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Dr. Irina Artemieva: "We have come up with new and very reliable clues about the structure of the lithosphere"
In the second part of the event, our other guest, Dr Irina Artemieva took the podium to deliver her seminar entitled "Structure and Evolution of the Cratonic Litosphere". Dr Artemieva added that it is extremely important to determine the exact structure of the earth's crust and the inner structure of the lithosphere and its thickness in geological research, adding that it is very difficult to know this clearly on the several million-year journey of the earth's surface. Our guest, who took the last minutes of the seminar to answer questions from students, summarized her comments on the seminar: "We are now taking a more accurate approach to modeling work in different areas of the world such as South Africa and Western Siberia. We have come up with new and very reliable clues about the structure of the lithosphere in the areas of kimberlite intrusions (pipes) where diamond formations are common."

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Who is Dr Hans Thybo?

Vice President of the European Geosciences Union (EGU) and Vice President of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters Dr Hans Thybo graduated from the Department of Mathematics and Physics of the University of Aarhus in 1979 with a bachelor's degree. He then pursued his academic career in the Geophysics Department of the same university, completing his master's degree in 1982. Dr Thybo, who started his doctorate in this university, completed his education in the Geology Department in 1987 and received the title of "doctor". In addition to Aarhus University, he has also held various positions at Delft Technical University, Copenhagen University, and Stanford University. In addition to the EU, NATO, the Danish Research Council of Sciences, the Danish Research Agency, the Carlsberg Fund (Carlsbergfondet) and many non-governmental organizations including the EFP, he has led group academic studies. Dr Thybo is currently working at the Department of Geology and Geography at the University of Copenhagen and as a "Guest Researcher" at the Center for Earth Evolution and Dynamics.

Who is Dr Irina Artemieva?

University of Copenhagen Faculty of Geosciences and Natural Resources Department of Geology Professor Dr Irina Artemieva, received her undergraduate and graduate degrees from the Physics Department of M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University. In 1987, the scientist who completed her doctorate in the Department of Geophysics of the Academy of Sciences of the Soviet Union of Socialist Republics, is a member of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters, the American Geology Society, the European Academy of Sciences, and the Royal Astronomical Society London. The geologist Dr Artemieva, besides Denmark, is also prominent with her academic work under different titles at universities in the United States, France, Sweden, and Russia.