The Etohum Entrepreneurship Summit Announces Top 17 Initiatives
Jan 31, 2017

The Entrepreneurship Summit, was held by Etohum at our Ayazağa Campus with the sponsorship of ITU ARI Teknokent. The event, its 9th edition this year, brought together almost 1000 participants with speakers including Brain Training Research Center Founder, Kerem Dündar, Regus Regional Director İhsan Erol, Talent Town Founding Partner Nihat Yiğitsoy, Levent Erden of Next Academy Founders, and Turkuvaz Media Digital Editor, Timur Sırt.

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Successful ventures will meet with investors

Among the more than 5000 applications received this year, 17 ideas were identified as the most successful Etohum initiatives to invest in this year. Entrepreneurs will meet with investors at the Startup Turkey event to be held in Antalya between February 23-25, after which they will complete a series of mentoring and training sessions and try to enlarge their initiatives by meeting face to face with investors. The Summit also shared the experiences of successful business leaders with young entrepreneurs.

The 17 successful Etohum initiatives that qualify for investment at the Summit were:

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Motor-In: This mobile application was created as a social platform that provides help for motorcycle users.
Urbansurf: Thanks to this application, travelers are able to socialize and share their experiences in small groups.
Evdeki Yardımcım: This platform, which is especially convenient for working people, provides daily housekeeping service to users via the internet.
Fosefi: Fosefi stands out as the world's first online content marketplace, bringing ideas and content owners to buyers from the television and movie industries.
Papirux: Papirux keeps documents in a cloud-based, person-based memory system.
Taşeron Bankası: The platform helps contractors who have been awarded contracts by governments find subcontractor teams and subcontractor companies.
Fofomo: This mobile app allows users to see and track live music events and venues in cities where they are or where they want to go.
Bilemezsin: Bilemezsin is a social platform where users can bet on any issue from the weather forecast to pop culture.

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Go Maint Me: Go Maint Me is intelligent software that lets you track the maintenance processes of building fixtures such as electricity, water, elevators and technology equipment; it is a candidate for becoming one of the biggest helpers to facilities.
Botanalytics: Developed on digital communication, Botanalytics analyzes and measures the adherence of communication over the chatbots of products like Messenger, Slack, Wechat, and kik.
Gymanya: You do not need to go to the gym to play sports. Gymanya offers its users the opportunity to practice anywhere they want and according to their designated goals, without the need for sports equipment.
StartupScore: StartupScore increases an invertors’ chance of finding great companies of the future and helps entrepreneurs increase their chances of success by finding the best team members through the use of psychometric measurements and analysis.
Hoom: Hoom provides active and efficient use of accommodation services in the hotels over mobile devices.
MyTrustedWill: The project keeps users' social media accounts stay active after they pass away.
Otomofis: Otomofis enables all processes based on information to be managed from a single platform, making business easier for companies.
Educain: Educain is a network application where students can take photos of questions and submit them to the system, which is then sent to the systems of relevant teachers.