Enrich Your Library with ITU Foundation Publications
Feb 08, 2017

ITU Foundation Publications, which offers basic works for undergraduate and graduate students, and reference sources for more advanced researcher studies, regards providing potential sources of information from anywhere in the world and on every level, in Turkish, as an important mission.

Since the day it was founded, with our students in mind, the Foundation has published more than 40 books written by leading scholars to date and provided dozens of donated books to students, including quality books, especially for students in technical fields.

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Among these many works in a wide range of publications from civil engineering, architecture, electrical and electronics, mathematics, ship, aircraft-space, chemistry, English, mechanics, and physics, “The Evolution of Life”, “Musicology”, and “Writings and Surveys with Sedat Çetintaş” and “Distinguished Prof. Ata Nutku: The Turkish Shipbuilding Industry and Leadership of Engineering Education” about Istanbul Technical University and engineering history, are especially noteworthy.

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Innumerable Works of Academic Literature Gained

The ITU Foundation, which sustains its publishing activities with great devotion, on the one hand supports teaching staff, freeing them from the commercial burden of the market while on the other hand offering these publications at reasonable prices to our students. While meeting a major need in the academic field with its publications, the Foundation supports our future, our young people, by granting full scholarships to our students with revenues from publications and donated copyright.

ITU Foundation Publications, which is preparing to carry 30 years of experience in academic publishing to the field of university preparatory books, will contribute to the achievement of the high school students' university goals. The 9th, 10th and 11th grade university preparation books, which have been meticulously prepared using new and different methods introduced by the IMES-ITU Modular Education System, prepared by commissions consisting of our faculty members, will be presented to students and education organizations.

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The ITU Foundation Publications, which is preparing new editions of its existing publications, aims to reach students in all cities and the academic world with more academic literature that transfers ITU’s quality of education, and the expertise of its academics, and by providing more translation works and other original works of basic disciplines.

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Books we recommend from ITU Foundation Publications

Among the many books published by ITU Foundation Publications, both academic and in other genres, we offer you: "Dignity and Reputation: Sedat Üründül", a biographical work of Engineer Sedat Üründül, our alumnus of the 1946 class.

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Also among the books recommended by the ITU Foundation are: "Master İsmail Hakkı Bey and Music Evolut Lessons" which focuses on the life of İsmail Hakkı Bey, who lived during the period when the existing traditions came face to face with Westernization movements that emerged in the Ottoman Empire; "Ebru’s Marble Face" consisting of the unique works of Hikmet Barutçugil, world renowned Turkish artist, and most important representatives of ebru, which is also known as the "art of painting on water", one of the oldest known forms of Turkish art; "Istanbul Technical University and Engineering History", which explains the role of our university and its institutional development from to the past to the present, looking closely at the history of our country's engineering and engineering education; “Writings and Surveys: Sedat Çetintaş” by Sedat Çetintaş, a Republican intellectual nourished by 19th century culture and creator of strong artistic and architectural values and restitutions; “Distinguished Prof. Ata Nutku: The Turkish Shipbuilding Industry and Leadership of Engineering Education" describes the dreams, goals, professional affection, successes and patriotism of the founder of civilian ship building engineering education at our university and the leading figure in the construction of steel ships, Distinguished Prof. Ata Nutku; and lastly, "Houses (a thousand varieties) in Istanbul" that examines the rapid change experienced in Istanbul over the past twenty years, with different dimensions in terms of "housing".


You can purchase ITU Foundation Publications books from the 1773ITU Store or 1773itu.com.