Algorithm Skills Compete at the IEEEXtreme Turkey Camp
Feb 09, 2017

The IEEEXtreme Turkey Camp, jointly organized by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Turkey Student Branches (IEEE Turkey) and the ITU IEEE Student Branch’s Computer League (Computer Society) committees, was held at the Electrical - Electronics Faculty of the Ayazağa Campus on January 30 to February 3. The event was coordinated by third year Computer Engineering student, Pelin Hakverir.

ıeeextreme (1)

Within the scope of the event, participants who took part in the 5-day algorithm camp, were trained on various algorithms between 9:30-12:30 every day. Between 13:30 and 17: 30, students toiled over the solution to five questions about the algorithms they learned that day, completing their daily training by listening to the solutions of the competition questions between 17:45 and 19:00.

The training took place in two classes, where Middle East Technical University (METU) Department of Computer Engineering Undergraduate 3rd year student Kadir Çetinkaya in one class, and ITU Computer Engineering Undergraduate 2nd year student Muhammed Burak Buğrul in another class, shared their knowledge with participants. METU Computer Engineering Department senior student Baskın Burak Şenbaşlar prepared the competition questions and presented the solutions to the participants.

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The winning team of the competition which, after the third day, proceeded in groups of three was the Bilkent Üniversity team comprised of Hikmet Demir, Rıdvan Yeşiloğlu, and Hasan Sabri Melihcan Erol. 85 students from 20 universities ranging from preparatory classes to graduate levels participated in the event, spending their time remaining from the trainings to exchange ideas.