ITU EMÖS’ Theme This Year: "Virtual Renaissance"
Feb 10, 2017

The 24th ITU Industrial Engineering Student Symposium (ITU EMÖS) organized by our Industrial Engineering Society was held between January 31 and February 4 at our Maçka Campus. More than 1000 people attended the event, which hosted 200 participants from all over Turkey.

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Under this year’s theme of "Virtual Renaissance", participants attended İTÜ EMÖS sessions under the headings Cognitive Science, Industry 4.0, Entrepreneurship Ecosystem, Digital Transformation, and Fintek.

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The sessions which received the most interest were "Digital Conversion" and "Industry 4.0" where the speakers met with a barrage of questions. One of the innovations of this year's ITU EMÖS, Career Workshops, provided one-to-one communication between the business world and university students, with positive reactions from companies and workshop participants.

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Participants who spent 5 days with interactive work sessions such as Virtual reality (VR), and 3D Drone Show, also spent their remaining time in a lively manner with photos taken at Presinstagram, Capsmatik and Akbank Thinking Club stands as souvenirs, including their visit to the Koç Museum on February 4th.