"Tough Walnut" Problems will be Overcome with the Strength of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Feb 14, 2017

Problems that seem to be "unsolvable" in everyday life will be solved at the Tough Walnut Entrepreneurs' Camp, where young people with innovative thinking and entrepreneurial spirit will take the stage. Organized by ITU Ginova, the third of this yearly event, the camp awaits young people hoping to write new success stories of transforming their original and brilliant ideas into commercial products.

The camp basically aims to provide a suitable environment for young people to find solutions to complex problems through technological initiatives. With at least one member being from our university, groups of 2 to 3 "Tough Walnut" teams consisting of undergraduates, masters or PhD students will come up with new approaches and solutions to solve problems they’ve coined "tough walnuts".

The teams will be evaluated using three criteria, the team's problem-solving adaptability, innovative approach, and potential to realize solutions followed by the interview phase on February 6th at ITU Ginova. The 10 teams passing the two stages will qualify to join the camp and show their work. The 10 selected teams will go camping in February with trainers from Ginova. During the camp, the teams will work intensively to produce their projects. The first week of the camp will start on February 11, the second week on February 18, and the last week on February 25. The event will end with the awards to be given on February 27th as "Demo and Investment Day".

You can find detailed information about the Tough Walnut Entrepreneurship Camp here.