We are at the Moto Bike Expo 2017 Motorcycle Fair
Feb 28, 2017

Our Department of Industrial Product Design participated in The Moto Bike Expo Motorcycle Fair, which took place at the CNR EXPO on February 23-26.

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Our stand exhibited the "redesign" activities of our students and thanks our students’ activities throughout the fair, visitors were also part of this distinct experiment.

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Within the scope of 'Modelmaking' courses which are basic compulsory courses of the department, under the heading "Quarter Scale Motorcycle Models", a motorcycle is selected for each student and a 're-design' study is required using the model as a base.

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This ongoing work carried out by Mehmet Erkök, our faculty member in the Industrial Products Design Department, aims to create new forms through the "sketch model", resulting in more competent results and different alternatives, in terms of the relationship between human and object, fluidity, occupancy-space and form-subform readings.

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These lessons enable students to recognize the possibilities of materials, use them effectively, and accelerate brain-hand coordination to achieve more effective and original designs without focusing on being a professional modeler.

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As students acquire this experience, in the process, they will learn how materials such as wood, plastic, acrylic, aluminum react and are shaped. Students who will also be introduced to technologies such as laser cutting, 3D printing etc, will try to produce faster and more effective models in situations where complex forms and high manual labor are required.

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