ITU Foundation Publications Recommends: "Dignity and Reputation: Sedat Üründül"
Mar 01, 2017

As a distinct, engineer member of an idealist group, Sedat Üründül continues to inspire our youth today as one of the leading representatives of a young generation who will serve the young Republic of Turkey and build our country from scratch. The determination, rationalism, principled stance and self-sacrifice of Sedat Üründül and his close colleagues, who played a significant role in the historical transformation process experienced by a great civilization with a deep history, will reach readers through "Dignity and Reputation: Sedat Üründül”, a book prepared by the Üründül Group. ITU Foundation Publications recommends this book that takes a closer look at the life of our alumnus to our students as a weekend reading book.

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Prof. Üründül having graduated from the Department of Civil Engineering at the Faculty of Civil Engineering in 1946 and being born during the last years of the Ottoman Empire, is stands out as a witness of his time. Having achieved success in his professional career, Dr. Üründül has brought numerous works to Turkey throughout his lifetime. Thanks to companies whose raw materials are knowledge, intelligence and wisdom, his work has seen a great returns in the terms of roads, schools, hospitals, bridges, and energy which have contributed to strategic moves in the development of Turkey.

Omer Üründül, the son of our graduate and sports commentator, shares his view of the book with the following words: "Sedat Bey poured sweat into the change, progress and development of Turkey. My father is like a century-old tree. He rises firmly from his roots in the soil. He gives confidence to the whole of Turkey with his trunk, shelter, branches, and leaves making Turkey smile with everything he produces. This is why the words of 'dignity' and 'reputation' describe my father so well.'

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A book titled "Dignity and Reputation: Sedat Üründül", a very successful source of a life and success story, can be obtained free of charge from ITU Foundation. While reading the life story of our alumus, who left such a mark on the development of our country, you can witness the details of his private life, and see how he was able to combine profound knowledge gained from career and experience, with common sense and intellect.