We hosted Norio Ehara, Consul General of Japan in Istanbul
Mar 02, 2017

A conference titled "Dialogue in the Future of Turkey and Japan" was held on March 1st in the Conference Hall of the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Ayazağa Campus for the purpose exchanging views to create a strong culture of dialogue between the two countries for the future. One of the most important guests of our event was Norio Ehara, Consul General of Japan in Istanbul.

Norio_Ehara (2)

Speaking at the conference we hosted, the Consul General emphasized the importance of the dialogue ground to be established. Ehara stated that although the geographical distance is long, because Turkey is on the west edge of Asia and Japan is on the East, the two countries are culturally close to each other.

Norio_Ehara (1)

He emphasized that this closeness between is due to close family ties, which have an important place in the social life of the two countries and the common family language from which Japanese and Turkish are derived. The Consul General also noted that Japan has an aging population by drawing attention to the young population of Turkey and added that Turkey's dynamism is extremely important in this sense.

Norio_Ehara (3)

Our economic cooperation will continue

After stating that economic relations between the two countries is very good and that this relationship grows stronger every day, Norio Ehara said that it is one of the clearest examples of the operation of some 200 large Japanese companies in Turkey. Ehara continued his speech with the following words: "Japan's exports are 334, imports are 3.14 billion dollars. According to 2016 data, foreign direct investment made by Japan in Turkey is 329 billion dollars. Japan ranks number 1 among Asian countries investing in Turkey. Political relations between the two countries have been problem-free in the past and continue to be excellent today."

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Following the event, our guest visited our Rector, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca, receiving detailed information about the university from him.