We Signed a Post-Doctoral Scholarship Program Agreement with the Embassy of France
Mar 06, 2017

The French Embassy in Turkey and our university have signed a post-doctoral scholarship agreement for Turkish researchers. The agreement also plans to include undergraduate and graduate students in the future. The agreement was signed by Charles Fries, the French Ambassador to Turkey, and our Rector, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca on March 3rd at the French Palace in Beyoğlu. The ceremony was attended by Mr. Bertrand Buchwalier, Consul General of France in Istanbul, M. Eric Soulier, Director of Turkish Culture in France, M. Matthieu Bardiaux, Director of French Culture Istanbul, Prof. Dr. Telem Gök Sadıkoğlu and Prof. Dr. Alper Ünal, Advisor to the Rector Prof. Dr. Cafer Özkul and our lecturer from the Foreign Languages Department, Celine Anne Helene Gravey.

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Under the agreement, three Turkish researchers will be able to start post-doctoral research and advance their academic studies with the scholarships to be awarded, which is expected to be an important start in the scientific field for the new partnership between the two countries. Turkish researchers who will participate in the scholarship program will also have the chance to take part in French research teams and apply for different academic programs.

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Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca: "We have signed another first for Turkey."

Our Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca, who shared his views on the agreement, said that the program meant a new beginning not only for our university but for our country as well. Our Rector, having stated that the post-doctoral scholarship program will work with the French Embassy in Turkey to increase the research potential of our university, added that the viewpoint of Istanbul Technical University will also expand. Our Rector, who stated that our university has signed another first, also thanked France's Embassy in Turkey for the support given to realize this collaboration. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca, in his opinion on the subject summarized his thoughts with the following: "In the foundation of our university, French scientists and inventors also played a role, one of them is François Baron de Tott. Together with this program, we are reuniting with France exactly 200 years later. We also plan to exchange students through the Erasmus exchange program in a wider and more comprehensive way through the French Embassy and the Consulate of France. At the first stage of undergraduate and graduate level, 20 to 30 students will benefit from this, which will increase in future periods. We must not forget to mention that the agreement is not limited to just the university. Partnerships with ITU ARI Teknokent companies will also be evaluated in this context.”

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French Ambassador Mr. Charles Fries, "This is the beginning of an exciting collaboration with ITU"

The French Ambassador Mr. Charles Fries stated the agreement was extremely important, that it emphasized mobility in the new collaboration and that thanks to the program, Turkish students would be able to carry out post-doctoral studies in France. In addition, he emphasized that he was very happy to have been part of our university signing an agreement with an embassy in Turkey for the first time. The ambassador noted that the agreement would allow for exchange of Turkish post-doctoral researchers and researchers in French research centers as well as exchanges of French academics with Turkey, highlighting that scholarships will be provided to 3 Turkish post-doctoral researchers. Mr. Fries shared his thoughts on the agreement with the following words: "I believe this agreement will be the beginning of a long-term collaboration to be established between ITU and institutes in France. As I have said to the Rector, Dr. Karaca, we are always ready to support and develop this cooperation. Because we see Turkey as a very important and promising country in higher education. We also have a number of different programs expected to be implemented next month. This agreement should be counted as just the first step in our exciting business alliance with ITU, one of the best universities in Turkey and we are proud that they have chosen us."

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Scope of the agreement, eligibility requirements and research areas

The post-doctoral scholarship agreement we signed with France's Embassy in Turkey will be open to all Turkish researchers who have a doctorate in any of our universities up to 3 years following the defense of their thesis. The deadline for researchers who would like to take advantage of the program, which will start in September and provide 6 months of scholarship, is April 14, 2017 (midnight). Under the agreement, the following areas will be given priority in order to strengthen joint research projects between the two countries.

• Applied sciences including engineering
• Sustainable development (urbanism, construction, architecture, smart cities)
• Humanities and liberal arts
• Earth sciences
• Maritime studies
Cooperation in the fields of R & D and innovation
Cooperation between ITU and Airbus Defense and Aerospace
Cooperation with AIRBUS and SAFRAN for R & D activities in the field of aviation
International cooperation in the Teknokent ecosystem and in which French teams are involved
Coordination of planning innovation days

About our university’s international partnership with France

Our university has over 40 agreements for the Erasmus student exchange program, continuing through universities in France. Under this program, students are also offered the option of a double major diploma. Also, our cooperation with France is strengthening through negotiations between delegations. In January, a visit by a delegation representing our university to Rouen University in France came to the forefront in terms of mutual exchange of views and the establishment of a strong dialogue.

You can find detailed information about scholarships here.