From Root to Tree, Toward Half a Century: Our Conservatory 42 years old
Mar 07, 2017

The ITU Turkish Music State Conservatory (ITU TMDK) celebrated its 42nd birthday on March 4th with a splendid evening held at the Maçka Capmus where art and creativity reigned. Former Minister of National Education Ali Naili Erdem, who has contributed great effort in the establishment of the ITU TMDK, participated as the "honorary guest" in the event celebrating the Conservatory’s birthday. In addition to Erdem, our Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca and ITU Director of TMDK Adnan Koç also gave speeches.


In his speech, Ali Naili Erdem talked about the years of the foundation of our conservatory. While he was Minister of National Education in 1975, Erdem stated that he met with then Prime Minister Süleyman Demirel for the establishment of the ITU TMDK and found that the basis for establishing the conservatory of was the dream that our national culture, one day, could find a place in the London Philharmonic Orchestra, that the whole world could listen to the masters who left a mark in Turkish Music such as Dede Efendi and Hacı Arif Bey. Our graduate, Erdem, who underlined that the support of the 9th President, the late Süleyman Demirel, as being an important part of the history of this art institution, noted that humans are not just comprised of a physical body but of a soul as well.


Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca: "The value of knowledge increases with creativity and art"

Speaking at the event, our Rector, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca shared his thoughts on the meaning of the night with the following words: "Today, being a citizen of the world is possible not only by possessing technical knowledge but also by mastering developments in every aspect of progress, saying that the value of knowledge increases with art. The value and usability of knowledge is increasing to the extent that it can be blended with the branches of art touching creativity and human spirit. Our university, which adopts the principle of cultivating many people, completes this side with our conservatory. The ITU Turkish Music State Conservatory has been playing this important role for 42 years. ITU believes that the TMDK will continue this task successfully for many years; I wish the Conservatory a happy birthday.”


With notes touching the soul, Prof. Dr. Adnan Koç, Director of the ITU TDMK, having taught numerous talented musicians throughout the Conservatory’s 42 year history, gave the good news that he will continue with new albums following his works, "Pür Nida - Turkish Folk Music", "Meşk-i Sefa and Aşkname Turkish Music", albums prepared by the conservatory for the first time in its 40th year with their own resources.

Masters Take the Stage

In the “From Root to Tree” event, our alumni, singers Celal Bakar, Çiğdem Elmas, Elif Buse Doğan, Ezgi Köker, Gediz Çoroğlu, Gülcan Kaya Aral, Gülşah Çubukçuoğlu Sönmez, Özgür Akdemir, and Suat Güney took the stage. The program’s art direction was undertaken by Prof. Dr. Cihangir Terzi, and emceed by Gülcan Kaya.


The ITU TMDK, welcomed the valuable graduates of our conservatory and its members on this significant night, in particular, Prof. Dr. Alâeddin Yavaşca who served as academic staff at our Conservatory as well as being Head of the Department of Voice Training. On a night where the most beautiful pieces of Turkish music were sung, musicians and soloists whose songs echoed in the Mustafa Kemal Amphitheater, won over the audience. The ITU TMDK Folk Dance Department brought a different color to the night with a “halay” show. This meaningful organization, ended with a ceremony where plaques were presented to commemorate the day.


About the ITU Turkish Music State Conservatory (ITU TMDK)

Established in 1975, as one the first Turkish Music conservatories, our Conservatory is comprised of 7 departments: Instrument, Voice Training, Composition, Turkish Folk Dances, Music Techniques, Musicology and Music Theory. The ITU TMDK, which provides high standards at both undergraduate and graduate levels by fully adapting to the European Union-Bologna curriculum, also educates future musicians and soloists with early training at secondary and high school levels.


Our conservatory stands out as being an institution that cultivates master teaching staff and other artists who shape the music agenda. The institution also has a special place among other conservatories for being home to Turkey's first music library.